Being overweight comes with numerous challenges.

And not only challenge's to one's health.

Unfortunately, overweight people are far too often a target for judgment and ridicule, often owing to misconceptions.

Even worse, sometimes simply being bigger than other people leads others to assume that they must also be less than or inadequate in general.

Redditor Rude_Guarantee_1479 was curious to hear what people felt is the worst part, or most common misconception about being overweight, leading them to ask:

"What is the worst part about being a fat person?"

Since I'm fat, I must also be stupid.

"For some reason people always assumed I was simple minded/stupid when I was obese."

"Now that I've lost weight people just talk to me like I'm a regular person."- batyablueberry.

No comfort to be had.

"Feeling uncomfortable all the time."- Keithninety.

Not being seen and always being noticed.

"I have a fear that nobody is ever going to fall in love with me because I don't feel visible and I am fat

Also, going to the pool or beach and you have to put on a swimsuit. I feel like a seal stranded on the beach.- mango_0111.

Inadequate clothes.

"My belt trying to stab me in my belly when I sit down."- jimjohn2017.

"Nothing seems to fit nicely or still look nice in your size."- OutlandishnessNo1950.

"The amount of pants you go through."- Cmonredditalready.

"Putting on a shirt, walking into the backroom, seeing how it makes me look, and then never pulling out my favorite shirt ever again."- YeaItsaThrowaway112.

Never feeling good about yourself.

"Feeling guilty while eating your favorite foods, not looking good in photos/clothes."- pissed_at_everything.

Mobility challenges.

"My thighs rubbing and chaffing."

"I'm so raw right now."- HeavyBreathin.

Unwanted nicknames.

"Not the worst part, but the most constantly sh*tty part is constantly being called 'big guy' by every kind of person other than other 'big guys'."- Professor-ish.

As the old saying goes, true beauty comes from within.

And the way someone looks should never be one's first impression.

Nor does anyone need to go through the day facing unwanted judgment when simply walking down the street.

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