Women Are Weirded Out Over A Freckle On Their Wrist They All Seem To Share


The internet is in an absolute uproar after Twitter user @aarynwhitley made a simple observation that blew people's minds wide open.

With some pictures, Aaryn innocently asked if all women had a mysterious freckle right on the middle of their wrists as she did.

Somehow, until now, no one had noticed that the answer is...yes!

Women were shocked and alarmed by how many of them seemed to share the freckle.

Some had more than the single freckle, but this seemed to count!

Even the women who had never noticed it before discovered that they too shared the freckle!

What could the purpose of the freckle be?

Is this some sort of freckle conspiracy?

Some Twitter users put forward theories as to how the freckle came to be.

The freckle turned out to be so commonplace that the women who didn't have it were even more scared than those who did!

News outlets are going crazy over this huge freckle news!

We may never know the purpose and origins of the freckle.

If nothing else, at least the freckle, for a single day, has brought women together all over the internet.

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