We all have some innocent secrets we keep from our parents. Twitter user Sydney Allenn's is that, back in June, she had her nipples pierced as a birthday gift from her sister. After a trip to the doctor, however, an unexpected chest X-ray awkwardly outed Sydney in front of her mother.

Sydney wasn't expecting her mom to pick up on her new bling:

Since I don't usually have my shirt off I thought it would be a very easy secret to keep.

Apparently, Sydney and the doctor found the situation a lot funnier than her mom:

My mom [sic] saw my piercings as soon as the X-ray popped up and the doctor and I started laughing hysterically.

Sydney's mother had only this to say:

We'll discuss it later.

Twitter users wanted to make sure Sydney was ok.

Twitter had a lot of questions. Did getting the piercings hurt?

It turns out Sydney wasn't the first person to find herself in this situation.

One Twitter user tried his no avail.

There were also some quick science discussions to be had!

So remember this if you're going to the doctor's office with your mother anytime soon: take out those nipple piercings!

H/T - Indy 100, Metro

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