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People Describe The 'Coke Vs. Pepsi' Of Their Professional Industries
Photo by Steven Su on Unsplash

Us vs. them.

That is one of the main issues of life.

It is especially prominent in the business world.

When certain products or companies have similarities, it often turns into a sparring match.

Whose better? More efficient? Us or them?

It's in all industries too. Look at movies...

"Armageddon" vs "Deep Impact."

Remakes vs originals. A good rivalry keeps you on your toes.

Especially in business.

Redditor theoptionexplicit wanted to hear about the best professional rivalries. They asked:

"What is the 'coke vs. pepsi' of your industry?"
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People Explain How Corporate Propaganda Has Been Completely Normalized By Society
Dimitry Anikin on Unsplash

Few topics get me as riled up as unpaid internships. They can take up the time of a full time job, making it difficult for some students who may need additional sources of income.

At the end of the day an intern is doing work for a company and they deserve to be paid for their labor.

But it's crazy to think about how much companies have normalized this practice. How many students do you know who are or were burned out by the stress of their internship, their actual job, and the need to keep up with their assignments?

Companies have normalized a lot, by the way, thanks to having the resources to produce enough propaganda.

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