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Although we must acknowledge that hindsight is 20/20, it can sometimes still be difficult to imagine what someone was thinking before they committed a significant blunder.

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Running a successful multi-million or billon dollar business is no easy task. It takes an endless well of blood, sweat and tears. The The key to staying powerful as a company is staying innovative and ahead of the curve. Business in all fields morph at a record pace, so you have to think big or go home. Often that BIG thought and plan is lucrative and life-changing for the better and sometimes.... its a disaster and it crumbles a dynasty.

Redditor u/RusherTheBFDIFan wanted to discuss some wrong decisions made by corporations by asking.... What is the most stupid move that a company made?
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How would you like to work in a closet? Stuffy air, not enough light… We've all learned what it means to have to "make do" in less than desirable spaces during the coronavirus shutdowns, but for many transgender people, this discomfort is nothing new.

Andrea Breanna is working to change that.

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Consumers are fickle. We know that as fact. But often consumers are right in their conviction to stay away and leave a product. Of course it doesn't help that most customer service across the board has gone downhill faster than lava from a volcano. Companies have stopped caring about the little people and it shows.

Redditor u/silent_pm wanted to hear what decisions we've all made as consumers by asking..... What brand has lost your loyalty and will never reclaim it?

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