Women Share The Questions They'd Really Like Men To Answer
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The opposite sex can be a bit of a mystery sometimes. Our brains work differently just like our bodies and this can lead to certain sensitive questions. Guys tend to be a little less open but today it's time for the ladies to ask away. Even wondered what they really think or feel about their body, yours? Today's the day to get the answers you didn't know you needed.

Redditor William84000 asked:

Women of reddit, what question do you have of men that you'd really like an answer to?"

His question started an informative thread for women to ask men the questions they've been wondering and receive honest, real-life answers.


​“How long does it take to recover if you've been hit in the balls?Snowy-avocado

“Anywhere from 5 minutes to literally turning to dust like we were Thanos snapped.” secondhand_organs

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​“The Big Dumb Object...”

I've always wanted to know: why do you like loud machinery so much? For older men it's mowers, leaf blowers and such. For younger men, it's modified cars and motorbikes. What's the deal with the loud machines?”marshmellow_bunnyx

Power and tools. Tools are a thing that gets stuff done, and they are loud because they contain the natural essence power of violent explosions and fire. Most men like powerful things, instead of powerful people.”

“In sci-fi, this is called 'The Big Dumb Object', and is pretty much a trademark of sci fi books written by menConnect-Zebra7173

To shave or not to shave?

Does body hair on a woman bother you that much?" reillydean28

“Leg/arm hair? Don't even notice. Armpit hair? Not my thing but not my choice/decision. Pubic hair? I'd prefer not, but it's not going to stop me from getting the job done." wHUT_fun

​It’s a power and control thing...

Why send a d*ck pic?" stavinlawrence

“I think for most men it's a power dynamic thing. Either it gets them off or it just makes them feel in control."

“Then I assume there's the added bonus of if she likes it she might send a nude back. But these losers have a greater chance of buying a "get bigger penis pills" that actually work before a girl appreciates an unsolicited nude." InertialEclipse

"Do you notice the little things?”

​“Do you notice the little things about women like a new hair cut, when they wear makeup or a nice outfit?” xforeverlove22

I can't speak for everyone but for me, nope. Not at all. My uncle had a moustache for like 20 years and one day decided to shave it off. I didn't notice it. I noticed there was a weird atmosphere around me like ‘come on, say something’, so I small talked with him.”

“A few hours later after he left they asked me if I seriously didn't notice that his moustache was gone. My answer was ‘What moustache?‘ And makeup would definitly fly over my head.” PleaseTakeThisName

Lets just not touch people without permission...

“What things have women done that make you uncomfortable?" charloget

Had a few grab my junk at random. Even had a couple that just forced a kiss on me. I don't usually experience women trying to pick me up, but the few times I did was never great. It was either negging, overly sexually aggressive and always in a group." bahamabanana

On today's episode of sink of float...

​“Do penis' float like a buoy? I heard they do but have never been able to verify it.” TheFantasticV

I mean it's buoyant but it can't really do much besides lazily sorta half float there. Still amused the f**k out of my wife to learn.” secondhand_organs


Everyone just wants to be loved...

What makes you feel loved?” ​linedizzy

“A compliment, a hug or a kiss we don't have to initiate.” Nuitari8

​Plastic surgery?

​“Do guys care if women get cosmetic procedures done?” dookieconductor

“I don't necessarily care about the work itself, I'd be more concerned about understanding why she felt like she wanted to get it done and help her feel body positive for whatever work has been done or if she feels like she needs work.” -notjosh-

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​Math will kill a mood everytime...

​“What does it feel like when you're having sex and you're trying not to 'get there'? Is it frustrating? What do you do/think about to keep it from happening?" uhohoreolas

“I sometimes do math like 333*3... But often I am fine with just controlling things to focus mostly on her pleasure instead of mine. Tho sometimes she is excited and ends up moving in unaccounted ways while I am a hair away and there is no stopping it. I definitely don't find it frustrating. It is still very enjoyable." Fkire


“Why do you all claim to have 7 or 8 inch penises only like 1 out of 8 have that?" black_winters

“Same reason women wear makeup. Either way, everyone sees the truth when you shower together." YsgramorsTits

Why don't you step in..?”

“Why don't you step in when someone is doing something sexist? Or keep being friends with/interacting with someone you know has assaulted someone? Every women I know has been or knows someone who has been attacked yet no man I know knows an attacker.​“ Beccachu100

I will admit, I haven't always said or done something in the moment when something that is somewhat inappropriate is being said or done. But I will generally for sure say something to the person afterwards, but I am sure I can do better.”

“As for being friends with an attacker, just as the victims of an attack are reticent to speak about it, an attacker is not likely describing an encounter in that lens, if they are talking about it at all.”

“With that said, just as I know victims, I probably know an attacker, but I keep a small circle and I would hope that none of them are, however of I did discover one of my friends was an attacker, there is no way I could continue to socialize with them.” leroyjabari

Random bamboo...

“How common are random erections?" MCU_Sh*tposter

Depends on the individual, their age, and exactly what constitutes 'random.' I'd say I'm probably on the upper end of the spectrum for occurrence, and I get them about 10 to 20 times a days now, and I'm almost in my mid 40s."

“However, there are probably times when my body is responding to a thought that has already passed which I wasn't really aware of, so in those cases, maybe those aren't 'random,' though they subjectively appear to be."

“For me, I get erections while I sleep, almost always have one when I wake up, and will also get them if it's cold, which is super weird. I assume other men may get them in response to other factors, too." Iaioren

"Why do you ghost...?”

​“Why do you ghost me after a great date, never respond to my texts asking when we can see each other again, but continue to follow me and watch every single one of my instagram stories? He also deleted his dating app profile. it's great to know I'm benched if his other relationship doesn't work out /sarcasm.” hemeartist

People ghost for a lot of reasons, unfortunately that's just the nature of online dating. I know it hurts when you think you've made a genuine connection only to get ghosted on, but it's better cutting it off now than further down the line.”

“If it bothers you, just block him on Instagram. I've certainly had to block/unfriend a few people I've met on dating apps.” greatgarbonz

Man face unrealistic standards too...

​“Why do some of y'all think you need to be 6ft or over for us to like you?” Far_Illustrator949

Unrealistic beauty standards aren't just for women anymore...” swashbuckler78

"Why are they so nervous when it comes to feelings or emotions?”

​“Why are they so nervous when it comes to feelings or emotions? One guy told me he liked me and ignored me for the rest of the school year basically, and the worst thing was, I liked him back and he kept looking at me weirdly at random times and it was kinda creepy…” Technical_Bell_9267

“We don't get trained on emotional talk. If anything, a lot of guys get it teased out of us. So when we need to start having and expressing emotions there's no way to learn except trial and error. And that's scary.” swashbuckler78

Dealing with smart men...

“Why do smart men talk about themselves day and night and any thing that interests them (when they do this I will ask questions and be interested in what they are sharing). Yet when I share about myself I don't receive the same interest? I get silence or a short response. Are women just boring if they're not on the same level of intelligence as the man?” Snoochocolates4863

“You're going to have to define smart on this one, because if you're looking at, like, engineers, we'll... the prevalence of people on spectrums in engineering fields is surprisingly high. If you're having social/dating issues with them, that's what I'm pointing at as your first possibility.” Socatarius

Beard problems...

​“how do you deal with such a scratchy beard? does it get soft?” chara_dreemurr69

“I don't really get irritated by my beard. Maybe it's different if it's super long. Anyway after I grew my beard I eventually started using like beard oil, beard shampoo, and beard balm. Keeps it from like splitting hairs and generally makes it softer.” Mental_Bookkeeper658

brent spiner thinking GIF by HULU Giphy

How does it fit?

How exactly do you fit your penis in your pants/underwear? I sort of understand that you tuck it? But for whatever reason I can't understand it.Crystal_Princess2020

We don't, if your clothes make you have to tuck it in, you made a bad purchase or wrong size. Mens underwear usually have more space in the front, for your johnson to hang naturally without any tucking.“

“And with pants, again it has to do with size usually, if it's too small then the crotch area will also be more restrictive. If you get something that fits you well, you won't have to do anything when you put them on.” Herazim

Some of these Q&A's were unexpected but now we know! This important thing here though is knowing it's ok to ask questions sometimes.

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