Ways That People Have Been Accidentally Turned On By Their Friends

Looking at a friend in a new light can be a massive surprise.

They always say, lovers should be friends as well.

It happens all the time.

Love and lust was always right there and we didn't see it for awhile.

It can be an awkward realization at first, but if you pass up the chance when the feeling strikes, you could regret it.

Look at "My Best Friend's Wedding."

And most of the time it just takes a quick moment and BAM!

Everything changes.

Redditor titan_slayer05 wanted to hear about the times friends have left us hot and bothered, so they asked:

"What did your friend do that accidentally turned you on?"

Whispers. A good whisper always gets me.

It could just be directions to the store.

'car guys'

Speeding Fast And Furious GIF by GIF IT UPGiphy

"Drive his car. I’ve never been into cars, or particularly into 'car guys,' but I looked over at him since we were talking and we were going pretty fast and I dunno... My body wasn’t ready to look at my friend driving his fast car I guess!"


Whoooooo Boy!!

"I was cracking jokes with a coworker and when she laughed at something I said she pushed at my chest in that 'Oh stop it you!' kinda way and whoooooo boy I damn near melted right then and there."


"I used to have a friend who did that all the time it was kind of sexy the way she did it but it never went anywhere."



"I came back from freshman year college to visit high school and walked into the auditorium, where an incredibly cute girl I was friends with saw me, stopped what she was doing and literally ran up the aisle and jumped into my arms to hug me. Plot twist: married 26 years and have a son."


"Your story makes me smile. :) "


Oh My

Oh My Wow GIFGiphy

"Ran her nails along the skin on the inside of my forearm. I'm straight but holy f**k. I mean I was straight, now I'm not sure."


"All my bi friends love this... including me."


Talk 2 Me

"I have a voice kink, I specifically like very deep voices and certain accents. Playing D&D with my best friends can be very confusing for my vagina."


"Go watch corpse husband on YouTube. ;) "


"His voice is amazing dude. Anybody, regardless of gender can agree that corpse dadd- husband has one of the best voices ever."


"I'm a straight guy but holy hell, that man's voice. Some people think deep gravelly ones like that are disgusting but it does it for me. All the among us clips of him outplaying people definitely help."


We are all a bunch of horny people. Whoosh.

Touch Me

"This one girl started tickling me. When I started tickling her back, she started to moan and said she was sensitive there. Awkward drive home."


"That almost happened to me once, my friend and her girlfriend and I were all talking about whether or not we're ticklish, and my friend reached out and started to tickle my knee. I panicked, my eyes got wide and I and said 'You don't want to tickle me.'"

"I think she thought I was warning that I would get mad or flail around and accidentally hurt her. But really it was because tickling is A Thing for me and I did not need the whole group to see how I react to tickling, especially with her girlfriend there."



heart adam GIF by MLBGiphy

"She was the popular girl in our class. She said 'I love you' to me as a friend (I think anyway or I'm just incredibly freaking dense). I didn't like her but it still made my heart flutter."


Just you and I...

"We were hanging out with a bunch of people and moving from one location to the next. She asked to ride with me in my car since I was solo. When she got in my car she told me to wait and leave the parking lot last. Then she said 'let’s ditch everyone and just go somewhere else. Just you and I.'"


"That would make me feel pretty damn good."


Hold Me

"Was giving a very good friend of mine a hug bye and I must of squeezed harder than normal or something cause she just melted into me and let out the most pleasing sigh I've heard her make. Stood there for a good 40 seconds holding her up while she composed herself. Her boyfriend was not pleased at all."


"I feel this one. I'm a bear hug guy, I do it with everyone. Doesn't help that I have really broad shoulders, so most people just melt at both the strength and closeness with which I hug."


That's It

Happy Jeff Goldblum GIF by Apartments.comGiphy

"As a guy I decided to fall asleep on a close friends lap who then proceeded to stroke my hair and lightly pulling it, it was really hard to fall asleep cause I was more worried that I'd get turned on from that."


It only takes a touch at the right time.

Do you have any similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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