Most of us have celebrity crushes, right?

Whether you're watching them in a movie or seeing them perform on stage or noting how they come off during interviews, there's no doubt that many of them are alluring people.

And some of them even seem like pretty great people, which is why, if given the chance, many an average Jane or Joe wouldn't turn down the chance to marry them.

Hey, why not? Matt Damon did fall in love with and marry a bartender he met while in Florida, so the sky's the limit.

People shared their thoughts after Redditor eenee asked the online community:

"What celebrity would you marry if they asked you to without any date prior?"

"Paul Bettany seems to be a valid choice..."

"Paul Bettany seems to be a valid choice considering he is married to Jennifer Connelly for 18 years without being a couple prior to proposal."


Come to think of it, Jennifer Connelly would be a great answer here, too!

"The man is smoking hot..."

"David Tennant. The man is smoking hot, and I hate his wife because she's beautiful and kind and I can't compete!"


I can totally get behind this one.

Yep. I mean... look at him.

Just look at him.

"He just seems..."

"Hugh Jackman. He just seems like a really sweet man. And very easy on the eyes."


Check out his Instagram.

That man is clearly living his best life.

And he adores his wife!

"I'm not gay."

"Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. I’m not gay. But a billion dollars is a billion dollars."


I kind of hate you for this but whyyyy do we have to live in this capitalist hellscape?

"I'm married..."

"Gillian Anderson. I’m married, but I’ve discussed it with my wife already and she knows she’d have to accept her arrival. My current wife would move into the Ex files."


I see what you did there.

Well done.

At least your wife has a sense of humor!

"The man could..."

"Henry Cavill. The man could ask me to drop my pants and they’d already be dropped before he could even finish the sentence."


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You're clearly excited about Season 2 of The Witcher, aren't you?

"My wife's answer..."

"My wife's answer is Jason Momoa. I didn't even have to ask her. She just announced it to me one day."


Your wife has some stiff competition, to be fair.

Lisa Bonet is certainly not going to let him go anytime soon.

"He's 40 years older..."

"Tom Selleck. He's 40 years older than me and I would still climb his geriatric ass like a tree. Had a crush on this man since the 80s."


I mean, I can see it.

Not you climbing him like a tree, but your other point.

"You can just tell..."

"Brendan Fraser. You can just tell he's a good person all the way through."


He seems very sweet, and he's been through hell these last few years.

It's good to see him enjoying a comeback.

"I'm all about..."

"Rosamund Pike. I'm all about that accent, despite the very convincing psychopath she played once."


You should watch her in Pride and Prejiudice.

Totally different character.

Makes her Gone Girl performance even more wonderful to see.

We can all dream, right?

But let's be real for a moment.

There are wonderful people everywhere. You'll likely find one someday.

And when you do, a lot of these celebrities won't even be a thought in your mind.

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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