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Toxic fan behavior has been a staple of American celebrity culture. That's what brought the famous British band The Beatles over to the States. They knew their career would take off, and it did, and even had women fainting in their concerts.

Since then, celebrities have been idolized to a point where fans feel connected to celebrities on a deeply emotional level. In reality, that star has no idea who that fan even is, let alone feelings any emotional connection.

This is what we call "Stan Behavior," which stems from an Eminem song called Stan. Ultimately, the term has evolved even further since the internet makes us connected to what our favorite celebrities are up to at almost all times.

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Famous people are normal people too.

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Us plebeians often think of celebrities as faraway people who remain untouched by the stresses and difficulties of average life.

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Celebrities and artists of note are just people, too. That is the first rule to remember when coming face to face with a star. They are no better than the rest of us mere mortals. That realization should ease the anticipation or disappointment should they prove to be less than kind. However I've had encounters and heard stories were the celebrity couldn't have been nicer. Meryl Streep is a gem. Idina Menzel is a sweetheart and Lady Gaga is super tiny. So my divas were on point.

Redditor u/Qazival wanted to hear about the times they've encountered the famous by asking.... Which celebrity did you meet and found they were much kinder/ruder than you expected?
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Have you ever fantasized about going out on a date with a celebrity? Or spending a day with a revered rock star?

Few lucky people have had the opportunity to meet their idols of the stage and screen thanks to various contests and promotions.

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