People Explain Which Things Have Been Needlessly Oversexualized

Why can't people eat bananas or cucumbers without having someone make a comment?

Okay, we get it, men have been said to think with their um... phalluses and many societies seem to have a preoccupation with the phallus in general. Take a look at some statues and monuments.

But that's not the only thing out there that's been sexualized – far from it. It's just the most obvious. People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor Artane_33 asked the online community,

"What’s sexualized but shouldn’t or doesn’t need to be?"

"It gets in the way..."

"I need to run my fingers through my hair sometimes. It gets in the way, it blows around, whatever. IT'S NOT FLIRTING BRO MY HAIR IS JUST PISSING ME OFF AND IM TRYNA MOVE IT OUT MY FACE."


So when I was playing with my hair in class, you mean to say I wasn't flirting at all?!

"If anyone stares..."

"If anyone stares I attempt to make eating my banana as sexual as possible while maintaining eye contact."


Ah, yes... a power move. I see you too are a person of culture.

"Getting stuck..."

"Getting stuck in places."


"I just wanna..."

"Hot dogs. I just wanna peacefully eat a glizzy in public without feeling weird."


Where are you from that they call hot dogs glizzies?


"Everything father-daughter related."


Probably one of the most popular porn categories, too.

"Don't forget..."

"Don't forget eggplants!"


Or carrots! It's just a root, people!

"Maybe it's just me..."

"The word "come" in normal sentences. Maybe it's just me, I try not to use it much in sentences, shifted to arrive or reached."


"Oh good heavens, I'm arriving!"

Is that better?



"The green..."

"The green M&M…"


Don't remind us. Fox News dedicated quite some time to this recently.

"I just want to say..."

"I just want to say the number 69 without being embarrassed."


But you can't, okay? You can't.

Thank you, society...


"Practically everything at this point."


This comment is looking pretty sexy...

Face it – just about everything has been sexualized. We live in a society that runs on sex... and money. Especially the latter. Imagine what happens when you combine the two.

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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