people in movie theatre
Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

We never leave two movies feeling the same way.

In some cases, we are so moved by what we just saw, that we are sobbing so loudly, we're getting concerned looks from our fellow moviegoers.

In other cases, we waste no time in leaving, as we have just spent two hours or so of our lives we'll never get back again watching something which could have been made by second graders.

And then, there are the times when we leave the theatre, and all we can think is, "what the f*ck?"

Not necessarily because it was bad, but because we can't process exactly what we just saw.

It could be something we can appreciate more over time, with repeat viewings... how many views did it take you to fully understand Inception? Be honest!

Or, we are befuddled beyond words as to how such an inane, amateurish creation ever saw the light of day.

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People really need to think about tattoos.

Yes, they're cool sometimes.

But how many do you really need?

Some can seriously spoil a romantic moment.

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Kids don't say the darndest things.

They say the craziest things.

I feel like some kids are dark psychics here to throw us off our game.

But I dislike children so I could be exaggerating.

Some of the phrases and prophecies I've heard children espousing have left my head spinning.

Where do they learn this stuff?

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Two pigeons snuggle
Photo by Rajiv Bajaj on Unsplash

When love ends there is always going to be lingering feelings.

You maybe over someone, but who can't help but wonder about a different outcome?

Even if we're at peace, we can always wonder about if they think about us.

Do they miss us?

It's human nature.

Everyone wants to mater.

What if they said that one thing?

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In a black and white photo a woman walks alone on a desolate bridge, in the snow, holding an umbrella
Photo by Johannes Roth on Unsplash

Walking at night can be dangerous.

It's a shame because there is something so calming about being alone with your thoughts in the dark.

There is something about the silence that is comforting.

So many Law & Order:SVU episodes begin with some foolish person roaming the dark streets of NYC.

So let's talk about what we see in the dark.

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