People Share Unhealthy Obsessions Almost All People Have

When talking to a friend who brings up one of our favorite books, celebrities, or tv shows, we often find ourselves saying we're "obsessed".

Our excitement is often met with a sneer from our friend, but we don't give it much thought.

Owing to the fact that even if they're better at containing their excitement than we are, deep down everyone has an obsession of some sort.

Naturally, it's not particularly healthy to be "obsessed" with anything, as nothing should take up the majority of our time.

Even so, if one were to take a very close look at society as a whole, we might find that just about everyone has an unhealthy obsession they just can't break.

Redditor Zdvj was curious to hear which unhealthy obsessions were most common, leading them to ask:
"What’s an unhealthy obsession people have?"

Schadenfreude Much?

"Love to hate."- Odd_Adhesiveness4804

Never Settle!

"Being in a relationship no matter the cost."- hibbletyjibblety

"Pointless relationships."

"Settling for less just because you think you can't be alone is not healthy."- shutyourmouf03

Aging Gracefully Always Pays Off

"People are obsessed with youth and some people will do anything to maintain its appearance."- Mad-farmer

There's So Much More Beyond Your TV Screen

"24 hour news cycles."- SuvenPan

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

"Having to be first."

"It's okay if you beat me to the pump, or if you beat me to the grocery checkout line."

"It's okay if you get to the freeway exit before me, or pull in front of me on the highway."

"I'm patient, and it's a virtue."

"Have to credit my father who taught me this."

"He was an airline captain for over 30 years who is a very patient man."

"Thanks Dad."- Look-At-The-Aliens

Humming Season 17 GIF by The SimpsonsGiphy

There Are So Many Better Ways To Be Social

"Obsession with their social media image."- knovit

Has No One Seen All About Eve?

"An obsession with everything celebrities are doing."- Streak_Free_Shine

There's A Reason Paid Vacation Days Exist!


"Everybody needs a break, not just every once in a while, but often."- RoKe3028

To Each Their Own

"An obsession with each others lives."

"Seriously just let people live as long as they’re not hurting anyone just leave people the f*ck alone."- MiseinToxicity

"Other people's sex lives."- huiscloslaqueue

Worry About Yourself Saints And Sinners GIF by BounceGiphy

Ironically, Making Calls Is One The Last Things They're Used For Now...

"Their phones."

"It's one thing to keep yourself busy, it's another to never let yourself be bored."

"Being bored is important sometimes, it makes you think/helps clear your head.'

"Phones make it ridiculously easy to never let yourself get bored, to the point where it ain't healthy."- Crestego

"Being on their phone all the time, especially while driving."

"I see this literally every day, despite laws against it."

"I constantly have to honk at people sitting at green lights, because they can't possibly be inconvenienced with their own thoughts for 2 minutes sitting at a red light."- dallased25

Mistakes Are How People Learn...

"Being right all the time."- lee24k

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It's very easy to scold or ridicule someone for being inordinately fond of someone or something.

However, before passing judgment, always a good idea to take a step back and examine our own behavior.

As we may be no different at all.

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