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School is intended to be a safe place.

Children are sent there with the purpose of coming home to parents in one piece.

Physically and mentally.

But sadly, schools have become a hotbed of danger and chaos.

You'll see things that will haunt you forever.

Redditor SuperLeftyAliReddit wanted to know what memories of being a student keep people up at night. So they asked:

"What was the most gruesome thing you saw at your school?"
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People Who Knew Someone That Died At Their School Share Their Experiences
Photo by Samuel Rios on Unsplash

Content warning: suicide.

Cherish every moment.

That is a saying we just keep taking for granted.

Another second is never promised.

Sometimes we check ourselves when the death of the young happens.

The unfairness of it all is almost too much to handle.

Let's share some stories.

And maybe learn to appreciate life a little more.

Redditor deadmoby5 wanted to see who would be willing to share about the not-so-great days in school. They asked:

"Has anyone ever died at your school/college/university? What happened to them?"
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