Kids do the darndest things. They're typically seen as the beacon of innocence, unaware of the horrors of the world. Other kids, well....they ARE the horrors. Here are a few examples of some children who definitely need a time out, courtesy of Reddit.

u/explodingpumpkin2020 asked: What is the worst thing you've seen a little child do?


Saw a young girl enter a store with her mom and throw a fit when she couldn't get a Barbie doll. Her wailing caused a group of people to show up and things blew up when the girl decided to say that the woman was not her mom.

Police were called. I, being a young stocker at the end of my shift, told my manager that the girl came in with the woman and promptly clocked out.

Long story short, told to me by the manager the next day, the police sorted the situation and they left the property a few hours later.


Smart kid.


When my cousin was about 4 years old, caught him spraying hairspray in to the furnace flames trying to "blow the house up." Good times.


Blow the house up. Summon the ancient one. Fire and flight. Fire and flight. First the famine then the feast. Grateful we all are to feed the beast.


Uhhhh, what?

I do a lot of secure transports between hospitals and psych facilities. I once transported an 8 year old kid who flushed his parents' insulin because he knew they needed it to live.


Don't try this at home.

Remember that scene in Game of Thrones where Gregor Clegane fights Oberyn Martell and pushes his eyes in to blow his head up?

My mother works in a kindergarten where they accept special needs kids too. She told me one day one of the more special kids got another kid on the ground and started pressing his eyes in just like in the show.

All the other kids started screaming in terror, not to mention the poor victim and the attending adult couldn't even get him off he was gripping his victim so hard.

One of the other kids had to run for help and they could finally get him off.

Luckily the kid didn't suffer any lasting harm.


That's definitely not chalk.


Me, it was me.

This was at our first house, so I must've been between 2-3 at the time. We were in our driveway with one of my parents' friends, I was just playing around like usual.

I had a chalk and a dark green easel in my room, which I enjoyed playing with often. So I was in the driveway milling about, when I found a piece of chalk and spotted their friend's dark green car. Toddler me saw no problems with this, so I started drawing.

My mom saw what I was doing. Suddenly everyone got really upset, really fast. My mom made me drop the chalk, and my hands were COMPLETELY bloody and started to hurt. I was so confused and upset, it didn't occur to me until later what happened. It wasn't chalk, it was glass. I scratched that poor guy's car up to kingdom come with glass.

We still saw that friend for years afterwards, so it evidently wasn't a friendship ruining moment. I'm sure they paid for the paint job.

In another case of mistaken identity, did you know that to a child who knows nothing about cacti, certain ones look super soft and fluffy? They're not. They're absolutely not.


What terrible parenting.

Oh gosh the list could go on for me, but here is one incident that really irked me.

My sophomore year of college, my cousin asked me if I can take her two daughters (11 and 6) to the mall, because she was busy and the girls wanted to use their spending money. We go to the mall, I buy them ice cream, and they spend their money. As we're leaving, we pass Claire's and boy oh boy does the youngest want to check it out.

Now here is some backstory with these kids: their mom (my cousin) doesn't punish them worth of sh*t. I had their son throw a toy train at me once and all I got in response when I told his mom was "He's 9 and you're 19, just be the bigger person. He's just a kid". THAT kind of parenting.

Anyways I tell the 6yo that we can look but because she already spent her money, we weren't buying anything. As SOON as we walk in, she goes up to something she wants and says "buy this for me." When I say no she announces in the store "Fine then, I'll just take it" and proceeds to walk out the door. I take the you back and tell her that we are going home. Never have I seen a kid throw a tantrum like this in my life. The worst part was every time I tried to carry her or grab her hand she'd scream "Help me! Help me! I don't know you!" The oldest kid records all of it and sends it to her mom, who then simply responds "haha, good luck!"

When we got home, my cousin told me "She wouldn't have thrown the tantrum if you just got her the toy". I was livid.


Good kitty.

My neighbour's kid was burning ants to death with a magnifying glass. After a while he decided that ants were too boring so he tried to hold down his cat burn it with the magnifying glass.

Let's just say the cat f*cked the kid up.


Poor frogs.


Toss a bucket of frogs onto the hot grills of a fire. He was 9 at the time.


Why are these kids so mean to cats?

A neighbor's kid would mercilessly throw their 2 cats into the pool.

The cats would fight and scratch, but that didn't stop the boy from flinging the cats repeatedly into the pool and forcing them to "swim or drown."

(His father finally broke him of this behavior by throwing the kid in the pool, clothes and all, every time he caught his son torturing the cats.)


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