Be it to impress a first date, prospective in-laws, or one's boss, many people have a tendency to overcompensate, or adjust their normal behavior.

This is all done in the hopes that they'll impress these people by showing off their enormous wealth, remarkable intelligence or the like.

In doing so, however, their efforts to impress don't often succeed.

In fact, they might inadvertently find themselves putting these people off, resulting in an even bigger uphill battle than they began with.

Redditor NeonRunaway was curious to hear what things people tend to falsely believe come off as appealing to others, leading them to ask:

"What’s not nearly as attractive as people think?"

Your voice is the only thing about you that's deep...

"Dudes that are trying to do deep voice because of TikToks."- ashucream

Eventually, they'll stop chasing...

"Playing hard to get."- groovy604

I must be right if I'm talking this loud!

"Loud, assertive confidence."

"When you're not an expert on the topic."- Hullaba-Loo

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I can smell your desperation from a mile away...

"Guys who drown themselves in cologne."- shoegazer44

You can impress me in other ways

"I am told that exotic sex positions are incredible awkward and physically difficult which will turn you off quickly."- Psychological_Dish75

I'm rich, therefor I must be desirable!

I" have a buddy who is constantly showing off his cars, watches, and shoes."

"He’s single and I’m convinced he’s doing all that to find a girl."

"It's not as impressive or attractive as he thinks it is."- dkwatkins28

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Why has it become so difficult to talk?

"Those horrendous jacked up lips everyone is getting."

"Y’all look like you’ve had an allergic reaction."- Gr00vemovement

"Those massive lips."

"Just looks like you got stung by a bee."- level 1dana_ranger

The viral sensation that feels more like a virus...

"Tiktok boys biting their lip and rubbing their hands."

"One woman who stitched one boy like that said it right: you look like a housefly."

"Stop it."- Somniatora

Confidence, not arrogance

"People hear 'confidence is attractive', and think its attractive to be a huge obnoxious d*ck who thinks they're better than everyone and doesn't care about how they treat others."

"Confidence in yourself, like knowing who you are, what you like and being okay with it is attractive."- pancakepegasus

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