People Share The Most Obvious Hints Women Gave Them That They Completely Missed

People Share The Most Obvious Hints Women Gave Them That They Completely Missed
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Sometimes we can all be a little oblivious.

The signs are there, and so are the red flags.

For instance, women are brilliant at throwing out subtle hints.

I feel like it's actually an art form they've mastered, and I've studied for my own villainous choices.

But for anyone interested in getting to know a woman, Reddit has got your back.

Redditor Sleepwithsockson7 wanted all the gents and ladies to fess up to the signs they were oblivious to, so they asked:

"What was the most obvious hint a girl gave you that you missed?"

I'm bad with signs.

I always miss them.

Think Hard

Think Winnie The Pooh GIFGiphy

"She said that she was feeling different about me and that she couldn't stop thinking of me."

"My answer was 'Are you mad at me?'"


No Thanks

"I was on a hiking trip with my college, you paid like $40 and they gave you all the equipment and you spent a week or so with 15+ people and a few guides. We went to a hot spring, my tent got ripped, the guides had a spare but we hadn’t set it up yet. A lady sat in the hot spring with me, at night, and decided to go naked while I was in the spring with her."

"She then asked if I wanted to stay in her tent rather that put up the spare one. I said 'nah I can put up the spare one, I’m okay.' Took me 3 months to realize that she was literally naked and asking me to sleep with her."


Oh Rochelle

"Back in college I was working with a girl named Rochelle. We both got off work around three am. I always walked her out to her car. One night she invited me to come to her apartment for 'pancakes.' Told her I appreciated it but I wasn't hungry. I didn't understand the weird, hurt look she gave me until years later."


"It's 3 am after a long shift. I wouldn't have blamed you for being kind of dumb from tiredness and just wanting to go home after that."



"I had this little penis dinosaur thing a friend 3-D printed. I had a girl over for dinner and she was playing with it and broke the tail. I was like 'you broke my penis!' And she said 'if only there was another one I could play with' she finished dinner, I walked her to her car, and I went inside. The moment my head hit the pillow I realized."



Los Angeles Hello GIF by LA ClippersGiphy

“'You know, I’ve never kissed a man with a beard.'”

My literal response was 'Yeah, me neither.'”


Wow. Really?

Perfect Loss

Let It Flow Fran Healy GIF by TravisGiphy

"We were at a sleepover and she played with my hair for like an hour and I woke up in her arms."


Just a Smile

"She ran after me to introduce herself at the end of class. The only interaction we had before was an across the room smile. I'm such as idiot."

"Also, during my first job, the boss made me check that the restrooms were clean. Well, one of my female coworkers decides she wants to 'help' me. She entered the men's restroom with me, making sure we were alone."

"I fumbled both times. Both of them were cute too."



"I used to drive this girl to school. She lived on the other side of the district. Had to go past the school to pick her up everyday. Prom was coming up. She kept ‘complaining’ that she didn’t have a date. I told her not to worry, that she was really pretty, and someone was bound to ask her. I’m an idiot."


Comfort Level

"Went to her place after a night out at the bar with a big group of friends. I thought she was just being nice and offering me a place to sleep closer to the bar, as it was winter and my house was far away."

"'Are you sure you wanna sleep on the couch? My room's more comfortable.'"

"'I'm good on the couch.'"

"Stupid me..."



"Ages ago I was looking for a rare action figure and I asked this really hot goth sales clerk if they had it. She was totally into the line of toys as well and told me they usually get one per shipment so call on their delivery day to see if they got one. We then spent like 15 minutes talking about various comic and anime things before I had to leave."

"She stopped me and said 'if you call the store you might not get me so call me directly' and gave me her phone number. This was before cell phones so it was her home number and clearly would be useless for having her check if something was in stock.

"I found the figure the next day at a different store so I never called her."


It's ME!

Pick Up Hello GIF by The Drew Barrymore ShowGiphy

"One day, in class, a girl I was friends with told me there was a girl in her class that was into me."

"She said if I could guess who it was, she’d tell me. I proceeded to list just about every girl in her class before she caved and said 'Me! It’s me you idiot!' Maybe a normal person would have caught on before naming the 15th girl, lol."


Oh people. Open your eyes!

Have you ever missed a super obvious hint? Let us know in the comments below.

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