People Break Down Which Things No One Should Ever Be Afraid To Try

People Break Down Which Things No One Should Ever Be Afraid To Try
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Fear of the unknown is universal, and in most cases, it is what prevents us from experiencing healthy, personal growth.

If the things we fear are something that stifle us from improving our emotional and intellectual development, then we will never savor the gratifying feeling of empowerment that comes from accomplishment.

Fear of spiders, however, is something I don't feel the need of conquering – even though it is often said it's the spiders who are actually afraid of us. Sure.

Curious to hear about the fears that are actually harmless and worth overcoming, Redditor Philosopher7771 asked:

"What is something you should not be afraid of?"

Building character and strong relationships are dependent upon our interaction with others.

Saying 'Sorry'

"Saying sorry when you're wrong. Integrity is not a weakness"


"And never apologizing isn't strength. It's just being an a**hole."


It's Okay To Reach Out

"Asking for help."


"Yes. Asking for help doesn't mean admitting weakness, and accepting help offered to you doesn't mean accepting pity."


Haters Gonna Hate

"Criticism and not being liked by everyone. They are impossible to avoid so we should just accept them and make the best of it."


Some fears are not psychological. People are truly terrified of the following:

Terror In High Altitudes

"Turbulence on an airplane."


"I once saw an amazing video of a pilot explaining that turbulence is no different than bumps on a road. This might seem obvious to others, but he told viewers to close their eyes while sitting on a bus. It's just as shaky, but we can see the environment and why it's shaky, so it doesn't scare us as much. I've been much calmer during turbulence since then, even strong turbulence."


Things That Are Normal Where You Live But Crazy Anywhere Else | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

The Monsters Among Us

"Little kids. Sure they are dangerous but remember you are STRONGER and BIGGER."


It's okay to be upset when something doesn't go as planned. But remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

The following are good reminders to keep going.

Humbling Moments

"Rejection and Embarrassment."

"It will happen to you, in some form or another. Its best to experience it, come through it, and realize it doesn't kill you. I wish I could go back to younger me and show them the truth. It would have felt like a superpower back then when fear or rejection loomed in my mind and hamstrung me."


Picking Yourself Up


"Most of the 'failure' people fear is not even that, it's just part of the trial and error of every process."

"If someone bought Frosted Flakes and didn't like it, they wouldn't consider themselves a human failure for buying it, they'd just know they probably don't like cereals that sweet, or corn flakes, and get something else the next time. The goal is to get something you like for breakfast, not eat Frosted Flakes."

"If you ask someone out and they say no, if you apply for a job and don't get it (or have a job and don't do well at it), if you don't get a good grade on an exam or even in the whole course, if you don't get into your "dream school," these are all the Frosted Flakes. The goal is to date someone you like (and likes you back), to get a job, to get a good education, etc. That's the breakfast."

"Eyes on the prize."

People who don't want to upset others perpetually find themselves stuck in an unpleasant situation.

Sometimes, we've all gotta ruffle some feathers.

Speaking Up

"Not be afraid to tell people no, and stand up for yourself."


Instincts Exist For A Reason

"Being rude in order to remove yourself from an uncomfortable situation. Listen to that little voice in your head that says 'this isn't safe' and don't worry about pissing people off. Took me years to accept that I don't have to be nice to strangers if I feel uncomfortable. Predators look for those kinds of people that are worried about making a scene. My safety is more important than your feelings."


As an actor, the fear of rejection was always something that prevented me from going into an audition.

Eventually, I got used to "performing" in front of panel of people who would determine my fate that day.

I later realized the fear of not booking that gig has prevented me from giving confident performances in the audition room. Once I treated auditions like the actual "gig" my agents sent me on, my confidence level soared.

I just wish I learned earlier that fear is overrated. But hindsight is 20/20, right?

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