It's totally normal to avoid people, but some people take it to the extreme. People find all sorts of ways to skirt interacting with others - like peeing in bottles in their room, faking phone calls, and even sitting in their cars alone.

ShimmersGlimmers asked: What is one of the saddest things you've done to avoid socializing (such as hiding in the bathroom)?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

10. I just want to get there in peace.

Taking a much longer route that you know people you know will never be on.


Yup. I have class at 11:00am so I leave my house at 10:45 to walk to campus. I used to cross the crosswalk, go straight past a couple of small restaurants, then take a left to get to campus, but I always ended up crossing paths with my friends, so now I cross the crosswalk and weave through the back alleys of the restaurants so I don't have to talk to them on my way to school.


9. The Selina Meyer move.

Pretend to answer a phone call when approaching someone.


I get nervous faking a phone call so I always listen to a voice mail message to make it seem a bit more authentic (not that they'd know either way).


Pro-tip: pretend to be on a conference call. Say something as if you're already deep in conversation.

"No Steve, have another look at the slide deck I sent out before this call. You'll see that it's a good idea, but it won't work in this case"

Then keep walking.


8. My car is my safe space.

Used to live with super outgoing roommates.

When I heard people come over, I'd take a shower, get dressed like I was going somewhere, get in my car, drive to go get food somewhere, then sit in the parking lot eating my food and listening to music for a few hours.

They actually used to complain I was always too busy to hang out with them.


My mom was sort of like that - What are you doing this weekend? Do you need any money to go out somewhere? Do you want to borrow the car?

The crying and pretending to go somewhere part didn't happen.


I get you. I started recently eating lunch in my car instead with coworkers. I like to sit there, turn on calm music and lean back while eating something from home. I work in an open office and I'm getting tired from all that noise, so sitting in a car for a short break is my newly discovered tool for mental well-being.

Probably would do the same if I lived with outgoing people together.


7. This is cheese abuse.

I used to be able to make myself puke simply by eating too much cheese. So if I didn't want to go somewhere, I would eat a lot of cheese and have to cancel the plans.


Why wouldn't you just say you puked and avoid the actual having to puke thing? What purpose in the scheme did actually puking serve? Did they demand evidence?


"Hey man wanna go out tonight?"

Yea sure just let me pre game by eating this block of cheese. Oh shoot I'm sick I can't go

"Maybe you shouldn't eat a bunch of cheese every time we're getting ready to go out"


6. You sure showed them.

I lived with a bunch of super emotional, super talkative people once. I enjoyed their company, some of the time. However, when things got awkward, I'd hide in my room, lock the door, and just not eat or drink until I absolutely had to so I wouldn't have to see them. They could be quite catty.

TLDR: Starvation.


5. During lunch in HS I ate in the choir room and watched videos on Ebaum's World.

Hiding in the bathroom.


I did this during lunch my entire junior and senior year of high school. Got a lot of reading done...


This thread is dredging up some sad and painful memories for me. I did the same thing. If there wasn't an available computer in the library or something I could keep myself busy with, there was a bathroom stall I'd just go sit in and either read, or eat my lunch, or just wait until I had class.

Knowing I'm not the only one is sort of nice. But also kind of not really.


4. Grocery stores late at night are amazing.

Going to the grocery store and seeing how full the parking lot and just turning around and going back home.


Best thing I found out, for while you are working on lowering your anxiety, is to find a grocery store that is open 24/7, and then go late at night, if you are able. A lot less people, and a lot less anxiety.


3. Relatable.

I just flat out walked out of high school mid-day. I had no plan, just wandering for 3 hours panicking over what was going to happen. But I'd had enough.


Where did you wander? What happened?


Just walked home, miles away. Sat down and awaited my execution.


2. At least thank them for the invite. They'll understand.

I think the worst of it is just outright lying to my friends.

I know they'd be fine with me just saying "Nah, I'm antisocial as f*ck and don't wanna go out," but I feel compelled to make up some bullsh*t anyway.


Protip: say you appreciate the invite every time. Because even if you dont go the other person knows it makes you happy to be invited so it makes them more likely to continue. Just make sure you actually hang at some point so you're showing you appreciate it.


At some point, actually accepting the invite is needed, right? I mean, I get the person being invited likes the attention but the person putting themselves out there to invite you looses something too when you repeatedly decline offer after offer. As someone that isn't exactly a social butterfly but does want to hang out sometimes, that constant decline starts to feel like full rejection and it's not a good feeling there either.


Nah I agree, you have to accept the next invite or two. Or even invite them out on occasion to show you're still interested in being friendly.

I was weaned out of a group, because I kept declining. I mean, I had no right to be upset, because I completely understand. That being said, I normally hang out with 3-4 people on a regular basis because I don't have to be "on." I go over to their place, eat, drink and watch tv. Sometimes take a nap.

It's nice finding that group of people that understand you. And that you don't always have to be doing something.


1. "Leave it on the doorstep and get the hell outta here."

Ask the pizza delivery boy to leave the pizza outside and paid for it under the door.


Should've said "keep the change you filthy animal" after you shot at him.


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