When it comes time to get married, one of the worst things people could imagine is their family not getting along with their future spouse. And for many, this fear becomes reality. For her wedding, Interesting_Ad_144 just wanted to get through it without issue. That became impossible after her family found out her fiancé is […] More
Relationships between stepparents and stepchildren tend to walk a difficult line. Being the new spouse of one of the child’s parents, stepparents often work hard to gain their acceptance. And stepchildren might work hard to win the support of their new stepparent, in an effort to keep the new family dynamic as happy as possible. […] More
It can feel like a lot to get the support of your family when you’re in a non-traditional relationship. And while some may support you, others may be too obstinate. Redditor ThrowRAbabyontheway fell in love with his significant other before he came out as trans. The original poster (OP) is still with him, and what’s […] More
For many of us, we would do practically anything to make sure our younger siblings are properly cared for. But even in that endeavor, there should be limits, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor myclothes-aita wanted to support his transgender brother by providing him with new clothes and a place to stay. […] More
Respect is one of the cornerstones of any relationship, but particularly familial ones. The importance of feeling valued and seen by family cannot be overstated, particularly during family get-togethers. Unfortunately, this feeling isn’t always easy to come by. What happens when the big family event comes along and you don’t just feel unseen, you feel […] More