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Idioms are a quick way to get across something you want to say without needing to spend extra syllables to say it. Unfortunately, we don't give these sayings as much thought as we probably should. Sometimes they'll end up being complete nonsense, unfit for the situation we're in. Other times their meanings are outdated, referencing a time when cheaters definitely didn't prosper.

One look around the globe and, yeah, no, that's not the case anymore. Some of these common expressions are total BS.

Reddit user, u/bewildered_forks, wanted to hear what we should avoid saying when they asked:

What common sayings are total BS?

Let's Get This Silly One Out Of The Way

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Money don't buy you happiness.

Neither does poverty mate!


I mean, the only reasons I've been unhappy or stressed lately is because of a lack of money. I'd be very happy and carefree if I had a lot of money


How About, "Happy Both Of You?"

"Happy wife, happy life."

The fact is, every relationship will have disagreements and arguments. You're going to upset each other sometimes and that's good and healthy, so long as it's within reasonable limits. You need to be prepared to argue back against your spouse even if it might upset them.

Too much conflict-avoidance or prevarication will result in one spouse getting bossed around and secretly resenting it while the other does whatever they want. It can also lead to a loss of mutual respect.


Maybe Pay Them More?

Our essential or frontline workers are heroes.

(Yet no combat pay. Just a cute sign in front of a building)


Perfectionism Sucks

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

This can be true, but the inference that 'doing anything poorly is not worth doing at all' is complete baloney. I prefer 'anything worth doing is worth doing poorly'. If it's best to work out for 30 minutes but I only have a few minutes, its better to do a few minutes than none. If it's best to drink 8 glasses of water a day, it's still better to drink 3 or even 1 rather than none.

Perfectionism sucks, and it's hard to get around.


Get On That Search

"Don't look for love. Let love find you."


B-tch please. If I have to sh-t the toilet doesn't come to me. I have to go to the toilet.


You Don't Always Have To Listen

"Good things come to those that wait"

Bullsh-t! You have to grab the bull by the horns I say!


This one is true though it's just not universal. There are times when it's better to be patient and times when it's better to actively pursue goals.


If you work a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life.


Turning your passion into a career often means you just lose that passion


Know Where To Draw The Line

"kids will be kids" in regards to any problems related to kids.


"Boys will be boys" definitely applies more to me and my friends hitting each other with empty soda bottles shirtless, than it does to someone harassing or harming someone else. Dumb-ss versus just an a-- kind of distinction


No One To Come Get You And Calm You Down

"Slept like a baby."


Pissed the bed twice and woke up screaming.


A Small Tweak To Your Dreams

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"Just follow your dreams"....I feel like people hear this and use it as an excuse to do whatever they want and expect things to happen.

It should really be, "Follow what you're passionate about but set realistic goals and expectations."


And Sometimes, They Never Come Back

That someday that someone who left you will realise your worth and regret it

People tend to say this a lot if a friend is going through a break up or something similar. Or some people will even try to "make" someone regret leaving them or make them "realise what they lost" being bitter and trying to show off or throw shade on social media. While they MIGHT regret it some day you will likely never know this.

Sometimes you have to come to terms with the fact that they never will regret what they did or realise your worth. Or that they knew but they don't care and just wanted to take advantage of you. And the day you won't mind about if they will, you'll know that it doesn't even matter anymore if you find someone who really appreciates your worth or appreciate yourself and know your value doesn't decrease just because someone else can't see it or don't care.

And that everyone finds "the one" some day. Some people don't. And there's nothing wrong with that. Some people are perfectly fine and happy with themselves


Yet Still, It Happened. You Can Get Angry About It Happening.

"Everything happens for a reason" Or "God did this for a reason"

Anything along those lines


Not Everyone Knows Everything At Every Time

'That's common sense.'

Yeah, maybe to you, but I've never been told [insert x fact here] before.

(Sometimes this saying is used to give weight to someone's opinion, under the guise of being a well-known fact.)


This Is Definitely One Of Those, "We Learn From Hindsight," Ones

Hard work never killed anyone.

Hundreds of people die from hard work (i.e. heart attack shoveling snow, electrocution from trying to fix something, etc)


Don't Do It Wrong. Figure It Out Until You Get It Right.

"If you don't succeed the first time, try try again".

I had a fourth grade teacher that was COMPLETELY against this saying. Her reasoning? What if you're doing it wrong? Then you'll just continue to do it wrong until you give up out of frustration. So, she preferred to say "Keep trying different ways until you get it right".


Seems Like The Very Opposite Of This Happens Way More

Cheaters never prosper.


too many people prosper because they cheat


Have Those Compliments Locked And Loaded

"Flattery will get you nowhere!"

The opposite is more true in my experience


Absolutely. You can get a lot using flattery.


Good Luck Being On The Phone For 2 Hours

Cancel anytime


Someone has a gym membership!


A Quick Look On The Internet Reveals: No. No We're Not.

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We're all in this together


... during these unprecedented times!


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