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People Describe 'Hard To Swallow Pills' About Being In Adult Relationships
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Love is rough y'all. That is a truth we need to own up to. In fact that is ALL the truth we need. Hear it. Embrace it. And use it. Love is not a fairytale... and that's ok. The movies and books lie to us. Now music has always been a pretty solid barometer; Adele, Beyonce and Taylor have always let us know what is what when it comes to amour. Love takes work and we need to adjust to that, But so many people don't want to hear about it.

Redditor u/AsontiRelay wanted everyone to get ready to swallow some hard truths about matters of the heart... take a deep breath... it was asked... What's are some 'hard to swallow pills' about relationships?
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Life is full of hard lessons. Whether it's how to manage friendships and expectations of other people, or realizing that even if you do your best, things don't always work out. That's okay - what's really important is embracing the challenges and focusing on your strengths.

Liteboyy asked: What's the hardest metaphorical pill you've had to swallow?

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