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When people think of women being portrayed as "sexy," often big boobs with cleavage showing come to mind.

Men also have their appealing "moves" and "appearances," and the "AskReddit" subReddit did not shy away from sharing what they felt the male equivalents to showing cleavage were.

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Things That Make A Man Instantly Attractive That They Don't Even Realize According To Women
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While we all notice the way people look, the superficiality of instant attraction doesn’t last forever.

More often than not, a man with a good personality becomes more attractive while men who are rude or have an attitude become less attractive, regardless of their physical appearance.

Going along with that, there are some superficial traits or actions that make any man look attractive.

For example, I really like when a guy runs one hand through his hair when he is thinking about something.

The thing is, many men don’t realize these traits or actions are attractive to potential partners.

Luckily, Redditors are ready to share their opinions.

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