People Explain Which Movies Made Them Think, 'Holy Sh*t, There's Still 50 Minutes Left?'

People Explain Which Movies Made Them Think, 'Holy Sh*t, There's Still 50 Minutes Left?'
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Movies are awesome.

They change lives and hold special places in our hearts.

But some films need help.

I don't mind a long film if it's necessary but the shorter, the better.

Pace is everything.

And superfluous pieces of the story are irritating.

If a movie is longer than it needs to be, it can taint the whole experience.

Nobody wants to be more excited to leave a theater than enjoy a great story.

Redditor fire-lord-momo wanted to discuss the movies we thought would never end, so they asked:

"What film made you say: 'Holy sh*t, there is still 50 minutes left?'"

I have a long list films that knocked me into slumber.

"The Talented Mr. Ripley."

Good Lord.

Speed Up

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"Pearl Harbor. There's the climactic attack on Pearl Harbor. It's explosive and tragic. So many people getting hurt and killed. And then... the movie slows down. And keeps going. For another hour. UGH."


The Who is Coming?

"The Sound of Music. They get married and I said 'that was a nice ending' and my wife says “the Nazis haven’t arrived.'"


"Some people didn’t realize that The Sound of Music had an intermission. They only watched half the movie."


"There was a great story where they interviewed someone that grew up with only the first VHS. Thought that was the movie. Had zero clues."

"So they asked her to guess the plot, and watch it again. As a kid, literally she didn't notice that the mail man was a Nazi soldier. Just a nice boy! She is sixteen going on seventeen, he's just a cute mailman!"

"So upon watching as an adult... Think it was an NPR story, fun to listen to."

"I definitely didn't catch EVERYTHING as a kid."


Not Him

"I have the opposite problem with David Lynch projects, you realize there's ten minutes left, and there's no way he's going to wrap this up in that time and have it make sense, unless he comes out right now and reads it to you. But I always come back for more, like a victim of confused abuse."


"I never assume I will fully comprehend any David Lynch film ever, even after the 20th re-watch, without looking up additional theories online."


He Left

"Gladiator made me say 'holy sh*t, there is only 50 minutes left. He enters the Coliseum in second half of the movie. I felt like it had just started."


"Gladiator the movie ended after the first 10 minutes of the movie. The battle sequence at the start was awesome. A shame the rest of the movie was such a disappointment with such poor pacing, dialogue and the only action we see after that is the weak sword fight with his rival the senator at the end."


Sink Already

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"Titanic, when you put that second tape in the VCR."


"According to my mother, about 30 minutes in, I loudly asked when the boat was gonna sink. I was 5 years old."


The ship sunk faster in real life.


I Feel It Coming Daft Punk GIF by The WeekndGiphy

"Daft Punk’s Electroma. Good freaking God, it was like a solid hour of a robot walking through the desert."


"Hahaha yes, and I LOVE daft punk. That crap was excruciating even by French film standards."


Merry Christmas

"Full Metal Jacket. In an excellent way."


"When I was a kid, my family used to watch this on LaserDisc. I think it's the only movie we had that you not only had to flip the disc, but there was a second disc. I'm pretty sure the multiple intermissions are why it was our family Christmas movie, although my dad claims it's because they sing Happy Birthday to Jesus."


"Full Metal Jacket, the Family Christmas movie that everyone will love."



"Transformers: Age of Extinction, that movie was so awful I never even finished it."


"My husband won free tickets. We went to the cinema together. I was actually enjoying it, I found the whole thing ridiculous and not-believable but I enjoyed myself. Then there was a loooooong time of explosions. And then the movie ended, I thought. I was like, great, 90 mins is a good length for a movie."

"And then they went to f**king China, and it took another hour to end. It was so incredibly boring which could all be avoided if they just cut it off at 90 minutes."


Hey Jimmy

"The Irishman 3.5 hour run time was a little long for one sitting."


"I felt The Irishman was too long until I finished it. The whole thing builds up to an ending is such a gut punch. I'm not sure there's much you could cut that wouldn't take away from the weight of that ending. Definitely hard to finish in one sitting though."


"Came here to find this. I knew the film dealt with the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Jimmy Hoffa 'disappears' and there is still an hour to go."


Boring Adam

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"Black Adam. I know it was only 2 hours, but to me it felt so much longer."


"My husband and I thought the same thing. I paused it saying God d*mn how much longer do we have? And then saw it was two hours total. Felt like a glitch in the matrix or some crap."


Some movies really need better editors.

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