LGBTQ students in sex ed class be like, "Uhhhh, I think you forgot about me."

1. I wish I was taught that there is a difference between sexual and romantic attraction, and that having a crush on someone does not equal wanting to have sex with them. Really, if I knew Asexuality was a thing back then, my life would have been so much easier. I found out I was Asexual from the internet, and everything suddenly made sense.

Jess Frances Bullock

2. Never got told that girls could masturbate, or one might go about sexual pleasure with anything other than a penis. And that was in a liberal country this side of the millennium.

Sophie Pips Pollard

3. I went to school in a small, mostly conservative town in the bible belt. I just wish we weren't told "abstinence was the only thing we needed to know," or that people in the LGBT community were "living in sin", even though I went to a public school.

I was terrified of going straight to hell just for existing most of my middle school and early high school years, I'm trans and I didn't have someone tell me that God made me the way I am for a reason and to be myself until I was 15.

Zoey Grit

4. Just that it exists. At all. That would've been great. Also, that it's not one or the other (gay or straight). Because if you fall under the B, like me, it's confusing and lonely.

Lucinda Bakhos

5. I wish I was taught that Lesbian/Queer women can contract venereal diseases from having sex with other women. Even now, education about STDs even in LGBTQ communities seem to be geared towards queer men.

Piali Mondal

6. Orgasms are complicated and different women reach them in different ways. Straight people need to know (Continued)

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Straight people need to know this as well, but honestly as a lesbian I really wish I had been told this earlier in my life.

Catherine Cousar

7. I wish someone had taught us kids-with-vaginas that losing your virginity 1) doesn't have to involve a penis, and 2) isn't supposed to hurt.

Jasmine Herrick

8. 1) That whatever is sex to you is sex. There doesn't have to be a penis and a vagina. There doesn't even have to be penetration.

2) That it's not wrong, or gross, or sinful. These are all things I was told by teachers and administrators I trusted.

3) That nonconsensual sex doesn't exist. Nonconsensual sex is rape.

Sam Eastes

9. The fact that women are able to orgasm without vaginal penetration probably would have been good to cover. Not exclusively an LGBT sex-ed issue, but I mostly pondered over it in the context of how I (a pansexual cis-woman) would be able to bang someone else with a vagina without a dildo or something.

Jennifer Lucy Jackson

10. Bisexuality exists, and that there isn't an either/or realm to box one's self into. I would have had more fun early on.

Latanya Ivey

11. I went to a religious school where I was taught gay sex is a sin. Most of my friends turned out to be gay...

Liz Jones

12. Heteroflexibility! I'm a straight man who had only ever dated women, and only really found myself attracted to women, until I met one man who I fell for real hard. I kept assuming I was gay or bisexual or something, but when we broke up I (Continued)

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I kept assuming I was gay or bisexual or something, but when we broke up I never met another man who I fell for again. The language around labels made me feel like a fraud, or that the whole thing was just a phase, but then I learned what heteroflexibility is. That's me! I'm a straight man who fell for another man one time because we had irresistible chemistry.


13. That lady-on-lady sex isnt about substituting a penis.


14. Learn that you dont always have to be a straight/cisgender person, that the sexualities are not just straight, gay and bisexual and that a person doesnt always have to be male or female. And how to protect ourselves during sex if, for us, sex doesnt mean penis entering a vagina.


15. I wish I was told that Im not weird or broken because I dont want to have sex.


16. That there is a spectrum to sexuality and that you dont have to know just yet because figuring out your desire can be a long process for some. Also to not assume, but ask other people how they feel or want to be addressed.


17. How do you prepare yourself for anal sex?
How does lesbian sex work?
Can I have sex with myself if I am asexual?
How much should you wait between pooping and anal?


18. As a young bisexual male, Ive always wondered why (Continued)

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Ive always wondered why some people (mostly straight guys) instantly assume you like men. Did they not hear the bi part? It always gets on my nerves!


19. I wish I knew about anal douches (that cleans out the anus to prevent poop on your shaft) and also that you need to use lube Lots of lube.


20. That sometimes the equipment wont work, or your body isnt cooperating in that moment, especially if you arent used to an exit being used as an entrance. That it may take you a couple (painful) tries to make it happen. And that that is okay.


21. Im not a girl but I dont think Im a guy either. I wish I had known that it was a possibility.


22. I just wish our teachers were allowed to answer questions about other sexualities. I knew a girl who was in a class where a boy asked how gay men fit a penis inside of another penis and the teacher was not legally allowed to tell him that it wasnt possible because that was talking about gay sex, which isn't legal where I go to school. I just wish questions were encouraged. I didnt need a formal education I just needed to know I was allowed to explore and learn.


23. That lesbian portrayals of sex in porn and in most media are completely false.


24. Honestly I just wished they had taught us more about different sexualities. I always thought my only two options were straight or gay, so I (Continued)

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I always thought my only two options were straight or gay, so I figured the girls I thought were pretty were just people I wanted to be friends with, because I definitely liked men as well. Up until my senior year my concept of bisexuality was college girls making out with each other to impress boys.


25. That you can define what sex is for yourself, to be gay is not all about 'dat ass' (though if it is for you that is cool)


26. What some common signs were of same gender attraction.


27. Especially from a health perspective gay teens are one of the most at risk groups for getting std's (especially aids). LGBT youth need to be educated on safe sex practices, many of them are coming from straight parents, who might not have the right answers when it comes to sex and gender questions.


28. Dental dams exist.

Miranda LaRocque

29. There's this kind of perception that sexual abuse / rape doesn't really happen in the LGBTQ community, mostly because people think male / female means a natural power imbalance that cannot translate to the queer community in the same way. Believe me, a woman can be abusive to another woman, and a man can abuse another man. It took me far too long to learn that the hard way.


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30. I am conflicted on this. On one hand, I want people to learn as much as they can. On the other hand, I don't trust lower level educators to be qualified in this matter. Heck, most aren't even that knowledgeable about their respective fields. I think they should though if they are properly trained. I wouldn't want a repeat of when I was a kid and our health teacher (an assistant football coach) just bashed suicidal people as selfish and tried to guilt trip anyone out of potentially doing it. As a severely bullied kid and suicidal at the time, this sure as hell did not help and only made me feel worse.


31. If you are a woman dating women and you buy a dildo with your partner, it's not just because you want to have a penis or you "miss a penis". Honestly, I wish someone had told me that it was just about pleasure and happens to be phallic shaped because that's the shape that fits. Duh! I felt so weird about it until one of my partners explained it to me.


32. HIV isn't a death sentence. I know this is a straight issue, too. Every time I learned about other gay people, I learned it in connection with disease, specifically HIV and AIDS. And when either were mentioned, it was nearly immediately connected to death. There is so much more to it than that.


33. I wish they taught that just because you're gay doesn't mean you automatically want to bang every person of that gender in the room. It would have helped, I think, in terms of not having every dude in my class assume I'm hitting on them after I came out. Like, just because I like men doesn't make you any more attractive to me than you are to all the straight girls who aren't hitting on you either.