Strip Club Employees Describe The Craziest Experiences They've Had At Work
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I've only ever been to a strip club once--okay, three times. Three times too many. The things I witnessed I still can't bleach from my memory.

So I've always had respect for all strip club employees because the "people" who frequent these hotspots can be crazy and obscene.

Seriously, I'd have to have a drink at all times. And I always wondered about the music masters. How do you DJ in a strip club?

You gotta control the dancer's music and then manage the mood. It's all too much.

Redditor Familiar_Sherbert_70wanted to know what life is like in the booty-shaking room by asking:

Strip club DJs, what do you have to tell us?

I will say, the one thing I saw that shocked me when I visited a club or two, was how lovely the breakfast buffet was. For real, if you hit these places up around 4:30/5 a.m, you can get some good eggs.

Chow Time

"So when I was in college one of my roommates was a cook at the strip club, and he used to have us come in on afternoon Tuesdays/Wednesdays so we could eat for free. The bouncers were cool with it as long as we didn't cause a scene. That food was on point always, probably ate more fried chicken in a strip club than I have anywhere else."

- Sharcbait


Look Away

"I dated a stripper many years ago, only saw her perform a couple of times. One evening as she's about to start she stopped suddenly, walked up to me and said "could you do me a favor and make sure my brother and his mates aren't watching please?" Sure enough her brother and three of his friends were sitting at a table, has to ask security to escort them outside while she performed and let them back in afterward. Her brother was OK with it but his friends were pissed."

- tribble0001

Pony Up

"Former strip club DJ here.

  1. Almost always if you buy a stripper a drink, she asks for vodka and soda and the bartender pours from a special vodka bottle that's just water, and then the dancer and/or bartender pockets the money.
  2. I never really wanna hear "Pony" by Ginuwine ever again.
  3. Sometimes the best nachos in the city are there." - fugaziozbourne

Yeah, this all sounds like an unwanted reality show already. It's like people lose their minds and decency when they're in the shadows. You're still in public, act like it.


"Not a DJ but former dancer. if you tip them they'll play anything. Cue Wild Wild West by Will Smith."

- otterstripper

forget will smith GIFGiphy

Ten Percent

"I was a DJ for over 3 years. Made more money from tip-outs from the girls than I made from the club. Tip out was 10% of what the girls made. Most girls were honest. Some weeks I made more money than I make now. My girls were awesome, at least most of the time. It was an awesome time in life and I do mean awesome. Glad to be where I'm at in life now though."

- brainiacmania


"Some girls work as waitresses and shooter girls because they want to make the money but they don't want to take off their clothes so management makes them watch the dancers count their money at the end of the night to help nudge them along to the dark side."

- cyranodepufnstuf

The Boss

"My old boss was a strip club DJ in college. He said the number of dancers who hit on him so he would give them preferential treatment (shorter songs for lapdances, hype the audience for them, make their rival dancers bomb) ultimately lead him to quit."

- Ganglebot


"Hairstyle tips on how to tie the mini ponytail behind a bald head?"

- karmaredemption

Anderson Cooper Hair GIFGiphy

Don't do it!

"My roommate was a DJ and I spent a lot of time hanging out with him in the booth. One night a dancer came in with a cup, saying a guy just paid her $100 to pee in a cup so he could drink it. She didn’t wanna actually do it so she gave the cup to my friend who was not the LEAST clean dude I’ve ever known, and he peed in it instead and the dude drank it up and loved it. I guess the moral is… don’t freaking do that crap."



"Worked in a couple of higher end strip joints many, many years ago. One of the problems we had was dancers bringing boyfriends in. Most knew it was best to keep them out. But every once in a while one would get a new guy that would want to see what she was doing."

"Usually they would get a few drinks in them and it would go bad. Either they would fight with their girlfriend, or they would get pissed at a customer getting flirty and get into a fight. Or a mix of both. A night where a dancer would bring her BF up to meet me, it added an extra stress layer to the evening."

"I met a lot of very damaged people in that world. Victims of abuse, mental issues, coping with substances. A lot of well intentioned, but very screwed up people."


Take Notes

"Two of my good friends used to be strip club DJs. They created a Twitter account to post quotes from the strippers. It was hilarious while it lasted. They both moved on a few years ago."


sexy chris farley GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

Oh my Lollipop...

"Not a DJ but get a few casual shifts behind the bar at the male revue on busy weekends. The guys are gay, they have boyfriends already (in fact a few work together) and even if you had a chance, they have exactly zero time for you that you're not paying for between this job, their day job, rehearsals for the main shows and their insane workout schedules."

"That said, it's not uncommon for them to make an extra $300 off drunk chicks who really want a suck of their lollipop. Easy money is easy money. They're just not in it for the girls."


Hey Sarah?!?!

"I've worked security in strip clubs for years. When the girl tells you, "My name is Sarah, but they call me Candy here," she's just giving you two stage names to make you feel like she likes you enough to tell you her real name."


"A stripper gave me this really exotic name as her real name and I figured it was her second stage name. Later she talked to another guy and gave a much more plain second stage name that I thought was real. I called her by that plain name, and discovered the exotic name is her real birth name. We've been Platonic friends about 15 years now."


Jimmy Juice

"Stripper here. One of my favorite DJs of all time was at a very high end gentleman’s club in west palm. He was always VERY friendly, and always in a great mood. His name was Jimmy. Once a floor guy told me to watch his moods, and to try to notice the difference of when he was drinking his 5 hour energy shots."

"It turns out that inside the bottles was not 5 hour energy, but it was in fact his own mix of some kind of liquid and GHB. Yes, he would roofie himself. (But only enough to have a good time?) everyone called it his Jimmy Juice."



"Not a DJ, but I am a stripper and when I first started working, the club that hired me had me make a list of female names since all their dancers had stage names. Well, the names I had were all taken since over 800 girls work at that club. One of the managers at the club told me that I had better pick my own name, bc if they picked, 'you might not like what you get.'"

"Then he told me a story about a girl who couldn’t decide a name and someone had suggested Abreeva (the cold sore medication) and this poor girl used Abreeva as her stage name for like two months before one of her customers told her what it was."


Please Eat

"A very good friend of mine is a DJ at a strip club. Early into his tenure, he learned he was expected to supply candy to the ladies. This isn't a euphemism. He literally has to have a bowl full of candy at the ready for ladies as they go on/off the stage. And not bush-league candy either, like Smarties. I'm talking mini-Toblerones."



"No, she doesn't actually like you."


Tonight Show Yes GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonGiphy

The Voice

"The 'DJ voice' is because we are bored as f**k and need something interesting to do. The job is boring but pays well with tips from the girls. In 2 nights of working I can make an entire weeks worth of 40 hours at a 9 to 5. However, dealing with drunk women that come visit that want to request getting on stage and want this song and this time this way is f**king enough!!! Not your club, not your music and not your choice."


People are crazy and gross. Make playlists in your living room, your neighbors will love it.

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