People Share What Truly Has A 0% Chance Of Ever Happening
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When a friend is feeling down in the dumps, our instinct is to console them with optimism.

While our intentions are good, the problem is that, in most cases, we wind up offering a glimmer of hope, even if we know with absolute certainty, that it may never happen.

We can only hope that "things will get better" because it just has to. And there are other things that have absolutely no guarantees in life, and we should never mention them.

Curious to hear what those may be, Redditor ThriftyGeo69 asked:

"What truly has a 0% chance of happening?"

These would make life easier. But clearly, life is not easy.

Woes Of Having No Dishwasher

"The dishes I procrastinated doing last night will be done when I wake up."

– WhitePhatA**

NSFW Tendency

"Reddit going an hour without posting a thirsty sex question to this sub."

– FartingBob

Maintaining Momentum

"Creation of a perpetual motion machine."


Chances are, our chances are not awfully good.

Swapping Roles

"A 50ft woman would hold a gorilla in New York climbing a building attacking planes."

"Basically the opposite of king Kong."

– Prestigious-Donut-90

That Elusive Ball

"Picking out a red ball from a bag full of yellow balls."

– Competitive-Kale-991

Odds Against Us

"Something with a 100% chance of happening not happening."

– Meme_Personified

What's Done Is Done

"Anything different happening in the past."

– AbsolutValu

Keeping It Sanitary

"No matter how thick the toilet paper you use is advertised to be, you'll never wipe your bunghole without folding it at least once."

– Pr0miseZ

Wishful thinking is exactly just that–a hopeful concept that will never manifest.

Ultimate Love

"Me dating Scarlett Johansen. Literally 0 percent. Feel free to prove me wrong."

– Amity423

Blue Balls Tonight

"Sex tonight."

– Batcommz138

Cleaning Up Our Act

"Humanity getting their sh*t together. At this point I believe we are reaching 0% - from below…"

– GarrettGSF

Unless we have the alien technology readily available, we will never be able to time travel.

Conceptually, it just never makes sense to visit the future, which doesn't exist.

And how can you visit the past without theoretically disrupting a life event?

That's why the idea of time travel is romanticized a lot. I'm open to hearing arguments.

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