People Share Effective Ways To Get A Woman To Stop Hitting On You
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Sure, it's flattering when someone shows romantic interest in you.

But if you're not into them, how do you turn them down gently without offending them?
Do they deserve the harsh truth that they are not "your type" or do they deserve to be lied to?
So many questions.

But sometimes, the easiest thing to do in a scenario where an admirer can't take a hint and refuses to back down is to come up with a ploy to help you evade being pursued.

Seeking tactical suggestions from strangers online when dealing with persistent women, Redditor chases_stocks asked:
"What are some effective ways to get a woman to stop hitting on you?"

The following can shatter their preconceived notions they've had of you.

Parental Guidance

"Tell her you have to ask your mom first."

– theomniconian

Community Creators

"Tell them about the discords you're an admin for"

"Ah nvm that never works."

– ThisAnswerIsLit

Two Options

"Tell her about your crypto holdings, and if that doesn't work, your desire for a good Christian wife at home giving you 9 kids."

– FlyingBike

More Time On The Pot

"On this same tip, just go to the bathroom constantly. Do it an inordinate and possibly annoyingly large amount of times. It will either annoy her and she'll end it, or ask what's up. If she does, you tell her you'd rather deal with your own sh*t than hers, hence all the time on the toilet."

– Im_still_T

These are considered instant turn-offs.


"Bark at her."

"Edit: worked for a buddy."

– LatelySad

Potty Humor


– Fickle-Bat8433

"On this same tip, just go to the bathroom constantly. Do it an inordinate and possibly annoyingly large amount of times. It will either annoy her and she'll end it, or ask what's up. If she does, you tell her you'd rather deal with your own sh*t than hers, hence all the time on the toilet."

– Im_still_T

The Hiss

"Hiss at her and run away Naruto style."

– No_Web2325

Get Soiled

"You'd be surprised how many awkward social encounters sh*tting your pants will get you out of."

– Archangel616


"Tell her about the 14 jars of diarrhea you have saved up."

– Naticus105

Human Fire Hydrant

"Pee on her leg while she's standing next to you."

– TeenyIzeze

Going For The Jugular

"Nuclear option: Tell her you're not interested because she's fat."

"Had a girl who was 'with' my buddy at the time, and was going behind him and trying to get with me at a concert. I repeatedly told her no, because she was with him. She wouldn't accept that answer and kept pushing, saying she was done with him and over him. I dropped the F bomb after about 5 minutes of back and forth, with little alternative left. I got a slap in the face, but I didn't let my buddy's girl in my pants."

"Some women are very aggressive in their pursuit. O_o"


Do Social Media

"Open reddit."

– deathbylightmode

"I second this. create a new user make sure it has the word 'incel' in it too."

– luminous60

A little humiliation goes a long way.

Look At Me

"My face is usually effective enough at doing that."

– yeetgodmcnechass

Unapologetically You

"Being myself seems to have worked so far."

– khalamar

Letting Her In On "The Bet"

"Remind her that she didn't have to take that bet with her friends to hit on the ugliest guy in the room."

– Foxk

The First Thing

"Well step one is to be attractive enough to get hit on.... Step 1 is the hardest step 😔"

– asiansAREwatchingALL

Sometimes, the good ole fashioned truth is the best option.

Redditor decorama said:

"Be direct. 'I am flattered, but I'm sorry, I'm just not interested'. Done."

Everyone deserves a chance to be given credit for understanding the truth and moving on.

However, if they respond negatively, refer to any of the above to drop the bomb on the persistent women who can't take "no" for an answer.

Scat you later!

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