The Best Pickup Lines People Have Ever Heard

Reddit user Educational-Coast304 asked: 'What’s the best pickup line you’ve ever heard?'

Meeting someone new isn't easy, especially if it's someone you want to snuggle with.

How do you say "hi" and be cool?

How do we weed out the crazies who say "hi?"

There has to be a perfect way.

Who has used some good verbiage that set you aflame?

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Colleagues in a break room
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Flirting is always a delicate balance.

While an obvious way to get someone's attention, and let them know they find them attractive and (hopefully), are interested in dating them, it's not always appreciated.

As some people find flirting to be little more than thinly veiled sexual harassment, particularly when intentions are less than honorable.

Flirting is an even more dangerous game when in the office.

While some people flirt with colleagues for little more than harmless fun, others take flirting in the workspace much more seriously.

Whether they're the ones doing the flirting, or the ones being flirted to.

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Two women smiling flirtatiously at each other
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Let's just be honest: the dating scene can be rough, especially when you're not sure if that person likes you back or not.

Some people, however, are very comfortable with their dating histories and believe there's a certain "cheat code" to confirming if someone is interested.

But for those of us who have always been bad at flirting and consider ourselves "oblivious" to other people's advances and compliments, maybe there could be some hope for us after all with these tips.

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Guy Upset After Friend Calls Him Out For Hitting On A Customer At Work
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The Creepiest Ways A Stranger Has Ever Tried To Come On To Them According To Woman
Photo by Quinn Buffing on Unsplash

There are a lot of great things that go along with being a girl. We can grow our hair as long as we like, we can wear clothes generally meant for guys, and we never have to worry about getting judged for getting certain beauty treatments.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows (or sugar, spice, and everything nice). Girls are often held to unfair beauty standards, expected to act in restrictive ways, and sometimes get harassed by strangers when getting hit on.

Now, we’re not saying women can’t be creepy when coming on to a man, but generally, women are the ones who have to deal with men coming on to them in the creepiest of ways.

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