Those who commute to work are always looking for ways to pass the time.

Many take it as an opportunity to catch up on their reading, or in this modern age, binge their favorite show on their laptop, tablet or phone.

Others, however, might make the time it takes them to get to and from work a little more practical, and either hone or learn a skill.

And while one can't master anything too complicated or difficult on the train or bus, there are some skills which can be practiced virtually any time, anywhere.

Redditor This_IsATroll was curious to hear from the Reddit community the ideal skills to fine tune on the way to work, leading them to ask:

"What's a silly little skill one can practice during the daily train commute?"

Expand your skills in communication

"One phrase in many languages."

"I used to know 'Where's the bathroom?' and 'More water please' in 16 different languages."- shaka_sulu

"Sign language"- Billie_Goat_Eilish

"Use Duolingo to learn a new language."

"Before you know it, you've learned phrases like "''m crying on the floor and eating bread'," and you'll soon be ready for your breakdown in multiple languages."-

Talk Talking GIF by WikipediaGiphy

Impress your inner circle

"Memorize obscure poetry."- GodsCasino

Before there was Wordle...

"Crossword really expands your vocabulary and gives you some useless knowledge."

"You never know when you will need to know who was the first president of Serbia."- Much_Committee_9355

Work those abs!

"Clench your ab muscles."

"'Tuck your tummy in' anytime the train stops at a station."

"Hold them clenched until the train starts up again."

"We used to do this as kids when the car was stopped at a red light."

"It sounds silly, but it's a surprisingly strenuous workout for your core!"- AirborneRodent

Working Out Sit Up GIF by jecamartinezGiphy

You never know when it will come in handy.

'Learning how to tie knots."

"I highly recommend the app Knots 3D.'

"It provides a history of the knot being displayed, its intended use case, strength, reliability, and its structure."

'It's a wonderfully useful and easy to learn skill to have."- Nobodythrowout

You'll have a blanket in no time!

"Knitting/crocheting?"- _austinm

Mastering the art of numbers

"Sudoku."- CrazyKZG

sudoku GIF by AARPGiphy

Take your pick, challenge yourself!

"Online chess."

"Learn a language."

"Write a story."- camelfarmer1

Next time you're on your way to work, and think about all the things you wish you could do, maybe try doing them?

Who knows, you might end up seeing your fellow passengers reading the book you started riding the train...

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