Basic Knowledge An Alarming Number Of People Don’t Know
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We take knowledge for granted.

And for too long we've assumed everyone knows the basics.

Never assume.

Knowledge can be lacking.

Redditor CasualBeers wanted to share thoughts on the things we're stunned people don't know.

So they asked:

"What’s some basic knowledge that a scary amount of people don’t know?"

I'm more worried about the basic educational knowledge. The things people skip in school.

Use Cover

Why You Shouldnt Throw Water On A Grease Fire GIF by ViralHogGiphy

"Don’t put water on a grease fire. This is when your pan/pot catches fire while cooking. Cover it with the pot or pan lid and turn off the heat."



"Turn signal. Turn lane. Turn."


"Yes, this drives me nuts! It's not rocket science but somehow a vast chunk of the population is like 'oh I'm turning right here, I'll brake and then as I begin to turn the steering wheel maybe I'll flip on the turn signal because I think you're supposed to use it somewhere in this process.'"


it's just silent...

"Drowning doesn't usually look like drowning on TV. The person goes under and doesn't come back up. And choking doesn't look like choking as seen on TV either. If there's any hacking/coughing... they aren't choking and don't need a Heimlich maneuver. You only use the Heimlich if there's no sound coming out of their mouth."



Witch Hazel Cooking GIF by Looney TunesGiphy

"That mixing bleach and pine sol creates toxic fumes that can actually kill you if they build up too much in a room. A scary number of people actually do this though in their laundry or when cleaning their homes."


Fumes make you crazy. Careful of the mix.

Look Closer

Voting Election 2020 GIF by Joe BidenGiphy

"How to spot an obvious scam. Look how many people fall for chain posts and propaganda and stuff."



"Cops can lie to you."


"Cops are also not obligated to read you your Miranda rights upon arrest unless they're going to interview you, which they usually won't when they're on scene."

"However, that doesn't mean they won't use anything you say still against you. So keep your damn mouth shut when dealing with cops. Wait until you have a lawyer present."


Be Aware

"It is very easy to not block the whole aisle with your cart at the grocery store."


"Man, just spatial awareness in general. It takes an awesome amount of dismissal for me not to let it bother me, say on a crowded street or in a train car."

"MFers, there is a whole third of a car where no one is standing, yet you cluster around strangers at one end? Like being in a gaggle of your associates, while still annoying, is one thing. But mindless clogging of a public space really boggles and infuriates me."


Timing is off...

"How long it takes a semi truck to stop?"


"It always makes me mad when I pass a semi, give them enough space before getting back over, and some a**hole decides that the space I was leaving for the semi to need to stop is actually for his dumba** to slide into."


"And that truck drivers can’t necessarily see you down there, so give them space!"


Lady, I’m not there with you...

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"How to tell if food has gone bad. When I worked in a meat department, we got like one call a day from people saying 'I bought this X days ago, is it still good?' Lady, I’m not there with you. This ain’t a smellophone. You’re going to have to use your own senses and brain on this one."


Always read the label. The label is important.