Have you ever watched an ad and thought “wow that's just what I need!"? I have. Show me any type of time-saver, miracle device and I'm ready to give up my money. Unfortunately, none of these uni-taskers hold up in our busy house. Miracle stain remover? Still stained. All in one stick vacuum? Works great except it plugs up at least twice per use requiring full disassembly. Magic skincare? Burned my cheeks red.

Thankfully, it's not just us with bad luck. When Redditor jab116 asked “What is the most overrated product you've purchased?" people were glad to share all the times they'd been duped by clever marketing.

Biggest lie of the millennial childhood...not capitalism, the other one...

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Sea Monkeys. When I was little, I ordered some from the back of a comic book. I thought they would look like the picture, a nuclear family who would interact and talk to me. Unfortunately, they were turned out to be very nonsentient brine shrimp. It was very anticlimactic.


“The caked on makeup just isn't necessary...”

Jeffery stars liquid lipstick. It dried the sh*t outta my lips and felt Hella uncomfortable. I only wore it once. It was so hyped up a couple years ago. Also tarte eyeshadow pallets are acceptable for the price. I bought a couple and was I just buy colourpop now.

Also any foundation feels bad on my skin. I have spent hundreds on so many different foundations. Beauty filters on YouTube need to stop.

I don't wear foundation now. The caked on makeup just isn't necessary for 90% of people, and is a way to sell way too much makeup by making you feel bad about how your skin looks, with texture etc.


“...had to nearly rip my nipple off to get the bra off of me.”

Anyone remember those sticky cup strapless-backless bras? The ads were all over Facebook and Instagram for a while. I eventually gave in and bought one.

The whole point of them in the ads was like pull the string in the middle to give yourself instant mega cleavage, and you can wear it under strapless/ backless clothes. Unfortunately, pulling your boobs together into ultra mega cleavage just means it makes the volume of your boobs flatter to pull them closer together, and since all it had was skin to stick to, and nothing but stickiness to hold it up, it was not very supportive.

It was sticky enough for one proper use, but even still, the edges peeled away from my skin pretty quickly. There is a little cutout in the middle that's not sticky. That's where the nipple is meant to go.

My nipples did not naturally or comfortably line up with those holes, so I had this incredibly sticky bra suction cupped to my tit, and had to nearly rip my nipple off to get the bra off of me.

After that, it is impossible to wash and store anywhere. The sticky surface becomes slick when wet, but goes back to sticky when it gets dry (but never as sticky as the first time).

It has to air dry because towel fibres will get stuck on it, and it wouldn't survive a trip through the washer and dryer. It cannot be stored in a drawer, or touching any material because fibres will get stuck on it, and it cannot be stored face up with nothing covering it because dust will get stuck on it, thereby rendering it un-sticky until you wash it again, and air dry it again, and store it wrong again, rinse and repeat until you throw it in the garbage.


It wasn’t any better for the next person...

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I wore one clubbing once and let me tell you, worst decision ever. One minute I'm dancing on a podium with a couple of friends, then I just feel it unstick all at once and drop out the bottom of my dress.

I subtly kick it off the podium hoping nobody noticed and then 30 seconds later I turn around to a group of 18 year old guys holding it up to their chests and dancing, absolutely losing it. Thankfully I don't think they knew it was mine.


Are they still around?

Sears "best" canister vacuum cleaner. It was expensive, but lasted a few days over one year and quit (with only light household use).

Sears wouldn't stand behind it. The cost of parts and repair was greater than the cost of the vacuum cleaner. No wonder Sears is in trouble.


“Your house will smell like sh*t.”

“Cloth diapers. My god some of these parents have to stop raving about how amazing cloth diapers are. They are at best an ok alternative to disposable diapers."

“Things I was told about cloth diapers. Less blowouts, less rashes, better for the environment, cheaper. Most of these just depend on your child. And honestly I found most of these false."

“Things they don't tell you. Your house will smell like sh*t. You will constantly be doing laundry. When you're out of the house you'll be carrying around a dirty diaper. If the baby hates being wet you'll constantly be changing them. Daycares don't take them. Babysitters hate them. Diaper changes take way longer!"

“More power to any parent who uses. Like seriously god bless you. But they have some major downsides and I'll happily take Pampers over cloth."



Hose Clog GIF by DrSquatchSoapCo Giphy

A garden hose that was "unkinkable", I paid extra for the guaranteed kink free feature. It kinked up like a motherfugger.


Should have know not to trust that guy...

My Pillow Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live Giphy

My Pillow. It's the worst pillow I've ever used, it is a cotton bag of these foam tetris type blocks, there are 3 levels of firmness based on how many blocks the pillow has. I ordered the firmest level and the pillow was like 1/3 full. It was a totally useless pillow.

The return process requires an RMA and they take 20% or something for "restocking". So obviously that's their business plan, sell a cheap overpriced product w heavy advertising, make it hard to return so most people don't bother and charge a restocking fee even if they do return it.


The most useless of them all...

Dumpster Fire GIF by MOODMAN Giphy

I bought my first planner ever in January 2020. I was going to start school again and thought "yea I'll get a planner to really get my life together". Little did I know the universe had other plans so now it's just a book full of scribbled out meetings and cancelled conferences.


A great rule of thumb—if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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