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It should not take much for a consumer to be satisfied with the products they purchase.

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Have you ever watched an ad and thought “wow that's just what I need!"? I have. Show me any type of time-saver, miracle device and I'm ready to give up my money. Unfortunately, none of these uni-taskers hold up in our busy house. Miracle stain remover? Still stained. All in one stick vacuum? Works great except it plugs up at least twice per use requiring full disassembly. Magic skincare? Burned my cheeks red.

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"Wait ... that's what that's for!?" - us, about 17 times reading this thread.

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Step this way to hear rants about pockets, bare midriffs, and gigantic flowing powdery wigs.

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It's so important to keep your head on a swivel. Everywhere you look, consumer culture abounds.

With so many people trying to make a buck on the side or become the next dream startup, it seems like all it takes is a sigh and someone's whipping around the corner trying to sell you a solution.

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