People Explain Which Meals Are Absolutely Overrated

I'm not a foodie. In fact I find the whole "foodie" culture insufferable.

It's just food, eat it and move on.

It's because of this culture of food obsession we've all tried some meals or restaurants that just don't live up to the hype.

All of these online people running around, taking scads of photos and videos of themselves feeding their faces has gotten out of control and lead others to make questionable dining decisions.

A burger is just a burger. If the meat is fresh, I don't care what you fed the cow.

Is the salmon not discolored? Great, then cook it.

We don't need to be spending tons of cash on meals. Keep it simple, it's the best way.

RedditorYannisAPwanted to discuss what's on the menu, so they asked:

"What food is overrated?"

I have been to too many fancy places and tried their key extravagant meal only to be left disappointed and heading to Wendy's after.

No ice cream is worth one thousand dollars. New Yorkers know where I'm talking about.


"Those 'instagramable' burgers, burritos, etc, that are all covered in melted cheese. Don't cover things with liquid cheese. Drink it, coward." ~ Biscuitquit


When in France

"It's not quite a rule, but for many restaurants, if it has a view the food is terrible. As an example, cafes near the Eiffel Tower are generally bad, tourist traps."

"Overpriced and unimaginative offerings. French food is so much more than that, but a trip to Paris is so overwhelming."

"Tourists don't always find the truly great meals, and instead go home thinking that little cafe found when your feet were tired from walking back from seeing the sights is somehow representative of the entire cuisine." ~ math-yoo


"The little packets in beef Jerky that say do not eat." ~ wallacem21

"I knew a guy once who thought they were flavoring packets. Ripped one open and was about to proceed to dump it into his recently rehydrated meal."

"This was apparently his first dehydrated meal, so I guess I can sorta understand, but still." ~ onetoothless

Gold Loss

"Gold covered anything is a waste of money and the definition of superfluous excess since it doesn't add flavor and wastes the gold." ~ phroggyboiii

"Wastes the gold? In 1000 years when all the gold has been panned out of Alaskan streams, future panners will still have a source of gold in our ancient crap rivers. They'll probably market it as 'rare archeological privy gold' and charge accordingly." ~ Batherick

"The thing is, it's not even pure gold. There has been traces of aluminum, lead, tin, and other such metals in the gold flakes."

"It's not just wasteful, and doesn't taste like anything, it's also sometimes toxic." ~ CursedJade


"Meow Mix for sure." ~ Hardinyoung

"Dude! Meow Mix is delicious, even if it doesn't contain cats like on the packaging. Kinda a scam, but still tasty." ~ CursedJade


Why are cats so picky?

And why do we indulge them?

They're pets, but we treat them better than kids when it comes to meal time.

Bad Sizzle

"Bacon flavoured/infused anything."

"Don't get me wrong, I love a couple of rashers as much as the next man, but c'mon, bacon fat-washed whiskey?" ~ bumbershootle


Bad Batch

"Those red berries on bushes in parks." ~ Gold_Ad_6543

"We had some Brazilian Peppertrees outside of my old job (actually an invasive species, but they planted them for looks I guess), and some women I worked with used to pick off the berries and smash them into their soups and stuff. They're pretty spicy!" ~ legendariel

"We called them snake berries. No idea if it's multiple different kinds of red berries or one, but they are sour and apparently make you sick if you eat em. But they look really tasty." ~ Sololop


"Funny story: My family was living in China a few years back and our parents had bought these moon pie thingies for lunar new year. I saw the moisture absorbing bags in there, didn't read the English words that clearly said DO NOT EAT, and put it on the moon pie."

"I spat mine out because it tasted gritty and awful, but my brother seemed to enjoy it. We ended up calling American poison control because the local poison control didn't have someone who spoke English and they basically said just drink a lot of water and you'll be fine." ~ ryleu


"Activated charcoal anything." ~ eremophilaalpestris

"The only reason should ever be eating activated charcoal is if you've got gas, or have overdosed on something (IN A MEDICAL ENVIRONMENT). That crap can really mess with your meds and food."

"It is technically a detoxifier... but turns out there's a good reason why chemists don't stock that stuff in the wellness section. This includes toothpaste, but for a different reason - it's like sandpaper for your teeth. Yes it whitens them, but it also strips the enamel off them." ~ Plethora_of_squids

I love weddings!

"Wedding cakes for sure."

"I work weddings; I've been to something like 150 of them so far, and have tried the cake at literally all of them."

"The vast majority of them are simply awful."


"I have only actually enjoyed eating the cake twice the entire time I've worked this job: once with some sort of specialty Korean cake, and one that was made by the Bride's mom. And what's worse is that these cakes cost an exorbitant amount of money! We're talking like $500 3-tier art pieces that look nice, but taste like a sponge with shaving cream on it."

"Just not something I can get behind. So, with that being said, word to the wise: don't buy a crazy-expensive wedding cake, I promise you it is not that good." ~ HDNHD

I love wedding cakes.

How could you not?

And bacon?

Yeah, we've gone overboard with the bacon. It doesn't need to be on everything.

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