People Explain Which Popular Rumor From School Actually Turned Out To Be True

People Explain Which Popular Rumor From School Actually Turned Out To Be True
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It's extremely difficult to parse through the chatter that leaves the lips of status-hungry teenagers, swirls around a high school cafeteria, and winds its way through endless hallways.

As a high school student, you probably remember hearing all kinds of things. Some of the tidbits were so fascinating and juicy, you hoped they were true. But alas, you doubted it.

The claim just seemed too far-fetched, too similar to the movies, too impossible for one person to have the audacity to complete whatever the mentioned taboo act was.

And yet, sometimes the rumors were true. Time wears on, developments occur, and what was once a far-out claim at the lunch table becomes a mortifying truth that rocks the community at large.

Some Redditors took a moment to share their favorite rumors-come-true.

tall_hopelessromantic asked,

"What popular rumour in your school turned out to be true?"

A few people chose to focus on the rumors about teachers engaging in illegal activities.

Every school has its one or two teachers that seem just a little more relaxed than the others. Without doubt, the rumors about those individuals will begin to stir.

But in these cases, the kids were spot on.


"There was always a rumor that the head janitor was a huge pothead and would smoke with students in one of the storage sheds away from the main building."

"I always figured it was bullsh** until my friend CJ sent me a pic of him and the janitor smoking while surrounded by folding chairs."

-- apocalypticradish

Coming Clean 

"In high school: that the biology teacher was growing weed in the environmental lab. Supposedly he did it for 30 years without anyone noticing. No one could ever prove it though."

"Later on, I was assigned to be the agent taking care of some of his financial matters, so I went to his house to have him sign some paperwork. He had a hydroponic setup there, so I asked him about the environmental lab. It was like Han Solo in The Force Awakens."

" 'It's true. All of it.' Then he offered me a brownie."

-- JayMax19

Hiding in Plain Sight

"We had a dean who 'retired' one summer. Turns out, he was busted in a huge prostitution/drug sting by cops. He had 2 sex workers and drugs in his apartment when he got rolled up; ended up pleading guilty to felony drug possession (a few others I can't remember), and sentenced to 5 years of probation."

"He was an advisor for the school's Drug/Alcohol Task Force."

"Nice enough guy. Really cool with all of his students, maybe too cool. Always seemed to have super red eyes."

-- storycaptain

A Different Kind of Illegal

"Biology teacher decided to use the scientific method to personally prove or disprove to himself that humans could photosynthesize."

"He did this by laying bare a** naked on his front lawn, landing him a public nudity charge."

-- Arikan89

Some chose to recall the rumors about romance and lust. For teachers, school is, after all, the workplace.

And the idea of an affair in the workplace actually doesn't seem so far-fetched at all.

Actually, Very Wholesome

"In my Catholic (Jesuit) high school, one of the priests and one of the nuns were very close friends. We all loved them, and we could see that they were quite fond of one another (and they made a really nice looking couple)."

"We used to affectionately kid them about "meeting in the tunnel" between the convent and the rectory. A few years after my class graduated, they both left their Orders, got married, and had kids."

"We're all happy for them."

-- SmokeHimInside

Not So Wholesome

"That this girl at my school who was maybe 16 was banging all the older kids who never left for college. Well she definitely was and everyone found out when she banged one of the cooler guys still in high school and there ended up being a herpes outbreak at my school."

"Nearly 40 people got herpes"

-- hornyorphan

A Bold Choice of Setting

"There was a rumor going around in my high school that an English teacher and a biology teacher were sleeping with each other."

"I thought it didn't make any sense at all, other than being strict teachers who graded harshly it's not like they had anything in common and I'd never even seen them talking to each other or interacting in any way."

"They were both married and besides, she was young-ish and attractive and he was um...not. I had always figured that someone who managed to flunk both classes at the same time just decided to start a rumor."

"My brother is 6 years younger than me and during his time at the school they both were fired suddenly in the middle of the school year. Turns out it was true all along, they had been caught 'fraternizing' on school grounds."

"I was pretty surprised. Of all the weird rumors that go around in a typical school, THAT was the one that had to be true."

-- Viscant

Overhead Projector

"Our freshman science teacher was a massive jerk to any girl, and would frequently throw the dress code book at girls for the slightest issue."

"Everyone said it was because he was pissed his daughter became a stripper... that ended up being true"

-- MsEvelynn

The Old Days 

"The captain of the cheerleader squad got a breasts reduction to go from H cups to DD."

"Oh, and also, some relatively unknown girl did porn on her senior year spring break after she turned 18 (and this was 25 years ago, so she had to like send letters and photos in the mail to set it up)."

-- anon_e_mous9669

Looking After the Students

"We had heard an underclassman was sleeping with a local army guy, but nobody really believed it until the day our school got locked down bc her boyfriend showed up with a knife."

"The boyfriend (in his thirties) was intending to force her to get an abortion, but our principal was a bada** who locked her in his office, then took the boyfriend DOWN and held him in a headlock until the cops arrived."

-- pm_me_chupacabras

And finally, you probably remember those rumors that felt a bit more unique. These bizarre claims of minute behaviors or strange occurrences that you couldn't believe unless you were there.

And you were NEVER there.

Smooth Cover 

"I had a science teacher that was rumoured to get a boner whenever he started shouting."

"We thought it was a myth until we noticed it for real, he would always try put one leg up on a chair to hide it"

-- DatMakesMeASadPanda

So Many Trophies In That House

"My AP US Gov teacher was the daughter of Phil Jackson. We all believed it and during his last Lakers game her and her family was there and shown on screen. Got a screen shot of her at the game and shared with some friends."

"We all knew for sure then but we never really brought it up to be respectful as she didnt like the attention for it."

-- KeDoG3

Concerning Cow 

"this was a roumour that went around my elementary school. basically my school had a lock down but they didn't tell us what it was for."

"one kid came in the next day and told us that his sister said it was a cow in the field in between the high school and middle school. so my second grade class went and told everyone else in the school."

"the next day we had an assembly that confirmed this rumor."

-- Potential_Hedgehog92

A Scary Reality 

"That one of the seniors in my school wrote all over the men's room bathroom about bringing a bomb to school."

"The bomb squad evacuated us all, dogs came and they found one in a random locker. It was absolutely nuts, kid got arrested two seats next to me in english class a couple of days later once they could prove he did it"

-- Alienexxa227


"A very popular, older man that taught Honors History at my high school- he looked like Doc Brown from Back To The Future, and was just as eccentric. Such an excellent teacher, kept everyone intrigued."

"There was always this rumor though, not to piss him off, as he was like Bruce Banner and could go Hulk in a second. Some said he was Special Forces in 'nam, some said he had a black belt in Jujitsu."

"All kinds of crazy sh*t I never believed."

"Well, one day in between periods, a massive fight broke out in the hallway. 4 of the toughest guys just kicking the sh** out of each other. We all stop to watch of course."

"Then, out of nowhere, Mr. H just appears and starts cleaning fu**ing house! In about 5 seconds, 2 kids on the ground, and 2 pinned up against lockers. He kept the 2 against the lockers until more adults got there."

"Holy Hell! Do.Not. Mess. With Mr H😳"

-- Lightningstruckagain

Deep Cover 

"That one of the students was actually a cop. Turns out he was a cop and busted one of the actual students for selling handguns in school."

"If you thought 21 jump street was unrealistic think again. Cop was a 33 year old male and undercover for like half the semester."

-- AllThotsGo2Heaven2

A Four-Legged Myth

"In middle school, there was a rumor my 7th-8th grade Social Studies teacher owned a pet donkey. Turned out to be true."

"The donkey's name was Pedro the Donkey."

-- MasterAqua2

The Ugly Truth 

"A girl in my Econ Class lost her dad but a rumor started going around that he didn't die...he was arrested as a serial killer."

"Turned out to be true and was featured a few years ago on 'Evil Lives Here' show."

-- MyGirlFridayRed

With this as inspiration, perhaps it's a good time to follow up on some of those high school rumors you always wrote off as the insane conjurings of your fellow 16-year-old peers.

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