Teachers Describe The One Student That They'll Never Forget
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Every teacher has that one student, or two that leave an everlasting impression. Now it is always good to make an impression, but there are also lasting impressions and memories that leave a sour taste.

So we have to walk that fine line. You want to strive to be the student that was kind and quiet that went off to be a rock star or a Nobel Prize winner.

We want to avoid leaving our teachers with the memory of us calling in a bomb scare all to avoid a chemistry test. (Not me, someone else)

So let's see what educators are happy with a stroll down memory lane and who has been left traumatized.

Redditor u/ThyEagle wanted to hear from all the educators out there about that one "special" pupil, by asking:

Teachers of reddit, who is one student you will never forget?

I once taught drama to children... never again. As much as that was a ton of stress, there was a kid who left me laughing. He was high drama, at 6. I was like, he's gonna be a handful but funny.


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"I have several but the one that set another kid on fire stands out a bit. He smuggled a lighter to school and was lighting paper on fire in his desk and accidentally dropped it on his neighbor. The other kid wasn't hurt, though it did burn a good sized hole in his shirt."

- talibob

Mr. Noah

"I used to teach ESL to pre-K through 3rd grade. I had one student who was only 4 when he first joined my class, named Noah. He was very serious. The other kids always goofed around and lost focus, like little kids do, but not this guy. I started shaking his hand every day and greeting him with a very formal "thank you for joining us, Mr. Noah," and for whatever reason it was the ONE thing that would crack that kid up. He was so adorable. Serious little guy. I'll always remember Mr. Noah."

- quakermoonman

Electric Shock

"I taught classes long ago, but can I speak for one of my high school teachers? I took electrical specialty in the last years. We had classes with special desks fitted with plugs and switches of all sorts... and power. My pal and desk mate thought it funny to short a copper cable and turn power on... imagine a thunder striking a room full of teenagers. My friend was blind for hours... I don't think the teacher ever recovered."

- portuga1

"look the other way"

"Told this before: was a student teacher. Their parents were swingers, who had a hot wife fetish. Propositioned me, since their kid was failing and i could "look the other way." Absolutely the heck not. I tried telling supervisors, other teachers as a warning. I was ignored. Them not believing me lead to me seeing other red flags to where I decided teaching was not going to be for me. Crazy part is I liked them, and they asked why I was leaving, and I didn't have the heart to tell them."

- TerminusFox

She Excelled

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"This 12 yo girl who took my advice on taking the British Council test to advance her English level after an intense class year. She did it and she excelled. When I heard the news It made my year happy."

- Toygr

See there, what did I say earlier? Don't be a fire starter. Be the girl who becomes a higher up in government. Who sets a fire in the middle of the day?

The Spill

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"My old science teacher had a student in a different class who spilled high concentration hydrochloric acid all over the floor when everyone was standing in one corner of the room. Needless to say, there were a high amount of injuries that day."

- Ok_Seaworthiness1156


"I'm not a teacher (yet), but while I was student teaching at a middle school I had to give this 7th grade class an assignment about what they wanted to be when they grew up, how they were gonna achieve it, etc. They had to draw themselves working in this career as well. Lots of kids said they wanted to be Doctors, Lawyers, Veterinarians, and other usual stuff."

"But I'll never forget this one kid who proudly held up his drawing of himself surrounded by well endowed women in orange shorts saying very loudly "I WANNA BE A MANAGER AT HOOTERS!" I tried so hard not to burst out laughing when I had tell him it wasn't appropriate, their regular teacher didn't think it was very funny."

- Philosapphocal

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Thank you Em...

"Emily. She gave me a small stuffed bear on her last day in my classroom. She didn't speak English well and tried really hard in my class. It was very sweet. My wife was pregnant at the time.It's now one of my 2 year old daughter's favorites and makes me happy every time she's carrying it."

- stiffcoffeeplease

That Voice

"One girl. I had taught her sisters and she was the last. We both loved reading and I sent her home with bags of books weekly from my own collection to borrow (had mom's permission). Encouraged her to write as she was amazing. She also had an amazing voice. I convinced her to try out for theatre. She got the lead. She wrote her college essay about me. I was shocked. It came down to her learning not to be afraid and that I gave her back her voice."

"I still cry a bit thinking about it. All I did was talk to her and get to know her. She taught me about how important it was to form those bonds with all kids, not just the out going ones or the troubled, but the quiet, good kids need that bond as well. Just because they are doing good doesn't mean that they don't need you."

- backaritagain

Poop Head

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"The poop bandit. He used to goto the bathroom and have a friend stand watch. Then he would draw on the walls with a turd like a big gross crayon."

- Head-Clue3558

Fly Baby Fly...

"In my 7th grade "Career Orientation" class (basically, a full year of "what I want to be when I grow up"), one boy said he wanted to become a "bar fly". None of us 12 year-olds knew what a "bar fly" was, so he explained that he'd go to one bar, get people to buy him drinks until he's too drunk, get kicked out by the bartender, and then "fly off" to another bar, lather, rinse, repeat."

"Teacher asked, "So, how would you make a living this way?" Kid said, "I wouldn't need to make a living because those other people would pay for my drinks." He'd put more thought into his aspirations than the kids who wanted to be doctors and lawyers so they could be rich."

- twothirtysevenam


"A girl I had this past year whom I'll refer to as MG. Extremely smart little girl. Always asking high-level questions. Read at a 3rd grade level at five years old. I'm not exaggerating. While the other kids liked to play with blocks or dolls or in the pretend play center, she would be in the class library working through a stack of books, or sitting at a table practicing writing. I was in constant fear that I was wasting her time. That I wasn't challenging her enough."

"I found more advanced books for her to read. I found a kinder-level math book for her to work through. But really she was content to make her own fun, which she was very good at. She never complained about being bored. She never acted like her classmates were "beneath" her. She was a joy to have in my class. I hope I end up voting for her someday."

- Hopesick_2231

"They're moles"

"I worked as a substitute teacher, an After-School Teacher, and a Group Leader for the YMCA, so I'll give three stories: At a pre-school, I was holding hand with a kid to help them keep their balance. They looked at my hand as asked what are the black dots on my arms. "They're moles." I said. The kid nods, then ask, "why are you black?" My favorite question a kid as ever asked me."

"I was substitute for a 4th grade class. One girl introduced herself as being black and white so she's a panda. I believe she will be going to 7th grade this year. I don't think she is still calling herself a panda. Last one, I was about to quit my job and move across the country. I already told the kids and they were sad. I also was only able to be with the kids a couple a times a week instead of every weekday so that upset them more."

"One of the time I was able to make it was during their Valentines Day party. I jokingly told one of my kids I didn't get a valentines. She immediately (and very seriously) went to a table with some paper and markers. A good 20 minutes later, she came back with a valentines card for me. I wish I could explain how much I care for that card."

- hawffield

"No Fighting"

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"The kid I found finger painting with another kid's nosebleed blood. Also the kid who picked the English name "No Fighting."

- UnguidedAstronaut


"Not a teacher, but my wife is. Unfortunately, it's probably gonna be the 2-3rd graders who threatened to kill our unborn baby. I only remember the "reasoning" behind one of the threats, which was that since he was misbehaving, he wasn't going to be going on the field trip, to which he responded: "If I don't get a permission slip, I'll have my step dad beat you up, and kill your baby." The other was likely for an equally stupid reason, but was a direct threat from a girl in her class, and not a plan to have someone else do it. The school did absolutely nothing about either incident, as well."

- ThisIsPerfekt

Mommy Dearest

"I'm not a teacher, but I'm speaking for my mother. She teaches adults that didn't get basic education (public school teacher) and, in her class, is the first person, in our state, to get a full education over 100 years. The guy is simply amazing and is inspiring how hard he works. She was so proud when talking about him that it was almost enough to make me forgot she is a nasty to me all the time."

- Batata-Sofi

"Wham, bam, thank you Ma'am."

"The kid who thought a good way to thank me for handing him is test was "Wham, bam, thank you Ma'am." 🤣 The first kid who "just didn't know who else to talk to" about her depression. The quirky kid who found his niche in my drama class. (Also the first student to successfully Rick-roll me.) The kid (at summer camp, not school) who bit me when I tried to stop her from running into traffic. She ran because I asked her to sit with the 8 year olds and she was 9. 😬"

- Zula13

I hate that woman!

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"My wife was a teacher for 6 years. She had 3/5 kids from one family. Single mom, drove luxury vehicle, everything she wore/had was designer… except her kids had maybe 3 outfits and no coats. Each year fall/winter would come around and the Allen kids needed coats. We always bought them coats. I hate that woman."

- WanderingRaindog

General McAllister

"I'm actually a student. 7th period. Beginning clarinet. 6th Grade. We named our teacher "General McAllister." Because someone (forget you Luis) said it when answering "what's the first thing you do putting a clarinet together?" Wetting our reed was "sucky sucky". <3 you, McAllister. I know you couldn't stand us a bit."

- QueenHuffle

Even into adulthood...

"Is it okay to reverse the topic into, "Students of Reddit, who is a teacher that you will never forget?" There were quite a few that made an impact throughout all of my years... Even into adulthood. Thank you to every teacher that had the patience, the charisma and the heart to stand by all of us. You are all rockstars! You are all loved greatly. Thank you for the knowledge. Everything you do is remembered."

- Philrawk

Yeah, that's why I'll never teach. Kids are crazy. And I'm not cleaning poop. Also, nowadays, you have to worry about the impressions left by parents. Now there is an article.

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