People Share Their Absolute Favorite Little-Known Websites
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Who would have predicted the endless source of entertainment and fascination the Internet provides.

With countless websites where one can shop, watch movies, catch up on news, play games... and do just about anything.

Of course, some of the better known websites, such as Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Google are likely visited by just about everyone every so often.

But practical and entertaining as the world's most visited websites are, that doesn't necessarily make them the most interesting.

Should one find themselves going down an internet rabbit hole, as we all do every so often, we might discover a unique, truly fascinating website which might cater to our personal hobbies or interests, or simply catches our attention for inexplicable reasons.

Redditor Ciiplex was curious to learn about fascinating websites which might otherwise not receive an excess of visitors, leading them to ask:
"What is the coolest website you’ve visited that no one knows about?"

A Welcome Dilemma.


"It's an interactive website that showcases what makes the Prisoner's Dilemma cool."- Kinetic_Cucumber

United States Of Ham


"My high school substitute's son is an artist who painted each US President holding a ham."

"I have no idea why, but I go there sometimes for a laugh."- 1fsh2fshRdtFshBluFsh

For Those Sick Of 'Charlie Bit My Finger'...


"Search for unlisted YouTube videos."- ordinot


We're Watching YOU!

"Not sure if it's still maintained but Little Sis was 'an involuntary Facebook for the elite'."

"You click a politician, donor, celeb and it shows you who are they connected to and the strength of the connection."

"You can get an easy picture of what donors, think tanks, and politicians are really beholden to."

"Apparently it's thriving since I last saw it."

"Ever puzzled by a random pardon, an idiotic switch in foreign policy, or who a cabinet member is?"

"Try it out."

""- rationalconspiracist

A Break From Scammers!

"Temp Mail."

"This website instantly gives you a new, unused e-mail."- RidoKer

Before Gamers Catch On...

"The Candy Box 2 is one of the best websites out there."

"It's an RPG style quest, made completely of text and symbols."- Coolest_Cat_In_Town

Valentines Day Love GIF by kate spade new yorkGiphy

Creating A Perfect World


"Online nation simulator."

"The core of the game is pretty simple; answer multiple-choice issues that appear once every 6 hours."

"Depending on what you pick, the stats of your nation, everything from cheese exports to citizen rudeness, will change."

"The fun really starts on the forums, IMO."- somewhereoutinspace

Too Many To Name!

"ms paint emulator."

"free photoshop."

"kungfu chess."

"free sandbox."

"" - Reddit

The Whole World At Your Ears


"Listen to radio stations from any country on the planet."

"KPOP from Seoul? "

"JPOP from Tokyo?"

"Want to marvel at the fact that everyone and their dog has a radio station in the Netherlands and Belgium?"

"If you can wade through all the English-language stations in basically every country, language learners can find tons of stations to help their listening skills in their language of choice."

"Living in a different country from your home but want to listen to the radio from home?"

"Hop on and see if the station has been added."- h3lblad3

Mickey Mouse Disney GIFGiphy

When You Gave Up Trying To Find That Game You Loved...


"This website has over 6000+ Old DOS/Windows and Console games preserved for future generations."

"The website is free to use and tuhe games can be played directly through the browser."

"I personally used the site to relive Warcraft 2 and had a blast."- MartinSKjoedt

The possibilities really do seem endless when it comes to what you can find on the internet.

For better or for worse.

Though for the first several months of 2020, one imagines each new unusual website discovery was like opening a present on Christmas morning.

And more are destined to come...

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