People Divulge The Most Deranged Things They've Ever Seen Someone Do

Be it in passing down the street, in the waiting room of a doctor's office, or at the table next to ours at a restaurant, we've all raised our eyebrows at the way some people behave.

Knowing that we would never say or do whatever they were doing in public... and unable to believe they would do the same.

For the most part though, once our eyebrow is lowered, we don't give what we witnessed much thought.

Unless, of course, we witness them doing so shockingly outrageous, that we still can't process what we just saw.

No matter how hard we may try, we still can't make any sense of it.

Redditor Harambeisthecause was curious to hear about things people witnessed that still makes them unable to sleep at night, leading them to ask:
"Whats the most deranged thing you have ever seen anyone do?"

One Imagines Eye Doctors see All Kinds Of Things...

"Eye doctor here."

"Where shall I begin?"

"I remember one young lady who came in for a routine visit but her eyelids were very swollen from her fake eyelashes."

"The adhesive was laid on THICK and was literally blocking her gland orifaces and causing massive infection of both eyelids."

"Despite the severe swelling, she didn’t seem particularly fazed."

"It wasn’t even her reason for visit."

"I looked at her under the lamp, then told her that those lashes are going to need to go."

"So I turn around to grab some petroleum jelly and some q-tips to work those adhesive clumps off slowly when I start hearing what sounds like Velcro being torn apart."

"I turn around and she ripped out both top lids of fake lashes including every single natural lash she had."

"It was a startlingly clean job and she just looked at me completely bald-eyed and said 'okay now what?'"

"Don’t forget, they were infected and swollen."

"Well, now they were even more swollen and had a ton of ripped off lash stumps."

"So I prescribed her antibiotics and told her that her lashes would probably grow back over the next few weeks."-OscarDivine

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She Couldn't Have At Least Done It So Her Mother Couldn't Hear?!?!

"Worked in an ICU."

"The patient was being asked their goals of care and if they wanted to be resuscitated, the patient said yes."

"Her daughter said no."

"The attending said, 'well your mom is still competent so we have to follow her wishes'."

"The daughter pulled the doctor aside and said, 'why don't you just give her some medications to put her to sleep, she won't be competent and then my word goes and you pull the plug?'"

"Silence for a while and then the attending just said no we don't do that."

"Very slowly and escorted the daughter out of the room."

"The patient made it out of the hospital ok that time anyway."

"I sometimes wonder how she did after that."- bobbi21

It Never Pays To Show Off

"Gal I went to culinary school with, early 90’s, all of a sudden started juggling her knives in the hall between classes in front of one of the chef instructors."

"Yes, she immediately had her 8” chef knife stuck 3 inches in the middle of her palm."

"Chef just sighed, shook his head and pushed the gal to the office to get her to the ER."- MissMurderpants

One Hopes He wasn't Trying To Suggest Something...

"I was sitting at a cafe once when a man sitting a few tables away from me, locked eyes with me."

"Maintaining eye contact, he leaned over to the vase of pussywillow stems decorating the table, and munched them."

"Just took a whole bite of twig and fuzzy willow bud."- crospingtonfrotz

What The Actual...

"In a nightclub in the late eighties."

"Bloke sitting at a table on his own."

"He poured what he had left in his pint glass onto the floor, then took a bite out of the glass."

"Glass severed his top lip."

"He then sat there bleeding into the glass."

"There was a lot of blood! Not pretty!"- Cyber5c0u7

How Did He Even Get There Though?

"Saw a guy stumble safely across 3 out of 4 lanes of high-speed traffic."- salvadordaliparton69

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One Imagines The Beginning And The End Were Related...

"Restaurant kitchen, middle of the busiest night of the year, something went wrong, not sure what but I'm pretty sure it was a fairly small setback."

"Sous Chef goes BALLISTIC screams at some people then reaches bare-handed into the blast oven and grabs out two scorching hot bowls of baked soup, RUINS his hands, and throws them into the window with the skin from his palms visibly stuck to it in places."

"He immediately calms down, walks off the line to treat his hands, came back out to try and direct from the front for a bit, then at some point just went home without saying anything."

"Came back a week or two later divorced from his wife."- McCheeseTruther

Let's Hope She's Getting The Help She Needs

"I had a younger cousin who I was absolutely scared of when I was younger."

"Refused to be alone with her, stopped tagging along to holidays in their area."

"The kind of kid that pulled out a box of crickets under her bed to show me how she pulled off their legs and put tacks through them."

"She cut my hair in my sleep during a sleep over."

"She flattened her mom's tire once bc she wouldn't take us to a movie."

"She was about 7."

"Last I heard she was in therapy and living with the grandparents today, mom couldn't handle her."- Junimo_Tea

What was She Hoping To Accomplish?

"I saw a woman at a retail store lay in the floor and turn an empty shopping cart on top of her then proceeded to start screaming like she was in pain."

"I promptly told the manager she had staged the whole thing."- Impressive-Floor-700

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How Would That Even Be Possible?

"A lady on the bus screamed at me one time because she thought I had stolen her knees."- The_Rural_Banshee

Meh, All In A Day...

"Not sure this is most deranged I’ve seen but it’s what is coming to mind."

"I was at a house party and this dude comes in, stands on a table, drops his pants, lights his pubes on fire for a few seconds, pulls his pants back up and everyone carried on like no big deal."- Rajili

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