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Skeptics may believe there is a logical explanation for everything.

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New experiences are the spice of life, but sometimes that spice might be a little more bitter than you originally thought.

Whether the experience turned out to be a total flop, or it was the kind of thing that you're glad you got to do once but don't need to do again, some things are best left as one-off experiences.

*Content note: the following article contains graphic descriptions of injuries, and mentions drug use. Reader discretion advised.*

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It's that time of year again. It's time to celebrate the spirits. For many it's the greatest time of the year and the best holiday. Like, who needs Christmas when we can relish Samhain. Thanks to COVID, Halloween festivities were a bit muted last year, but now everybody is ready to get out and trick their treat. Safely vaxxed and masked I pray.

So let the costume parade commence. Who has been plotting what? And why? Explain your costume vision. Let's dish...

Redditor u/ral365 wanted to hear about the plans for this year's trick or treat season, by asking:

What's your Halloween costume this year?
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Fear is something that is nearly inescapable. It creeps up on us all at some point whether it's in the form of a traumatic event or something slower and more insidious. Sometimes the thing that jump scares you the most is actually also the cutest thing you ever saw... like your kids.

At least that's the case for this writer. A sweet pigtailed three year old tucked away in her bed, I hear a sound so I roll over and turn my phone flashlight on. As I swing it around to scan the room before I get up it illuminates her little face just a few over mine donning a huge crazy smile and wide bulging eyes. As soon as the light hit she let out this giant scream…

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People are obsessed with hauntings and ghost stories.

Unexplainable phenomena remain a fascination for even for the timid. It's like driving by the scene of a traffic accident. As horrific as they are, people can't help but slow down and look.

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