CW: Suicide

There is so much to learn in life.

And once you acquire certain things mentally, you regret it.

How much 411 have you come across over time that made you think... "How can I unlearn that?"

Yeah, not possible.

Knowledge is power and sometimes it's a nightmare.

Don't we have enough to keep us up at night?

Damn curiosity.

Well let's do some learning.

Redditor RedBoyFromNewy wanted to shed some light on creepy issues we need to be discussing. They asked:

"What’s a disturbing fact that not a lot of people know of?"
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Night Shift Workers Share The Scariest Things They've Ever Experienced On The Job
Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

Working in the dark hours of the night has never been appealing to me.

Those are the club's best hours.

But also, things do go bump in the night.

And in this timeframe is when workers are most alone.

If you're having to work those hours though, try to be in a cheery place.

You know, a location with living bodies, not dead ones.

Redditor give-orange-houses wanted to hear from the people who work while we're asleep. What scares you? They asked:

"Night shift workers of reddit, what is your scariest experience while working?"
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People Break Down Which Things May Seem Innocent But Are Actually Very Creepy
Aimee Vogelsang on Unsplash

Children love playing with dolls because they're cute playthings...until they get possessed and murder your kids.

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People Who Almost Died Explain Their Final Thoughts
Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

Death is coming for all of us.

Do you ever wonder what that will feel like?

Or what your mind will be thinking?

I do. I worry about it far too often.

What will matter most in the seconds before we go?

That's if we're lucky enough to even get a warning of the end.

Redditor 0b111111100001 wanted to hear about life right before death. They asked:

"People who have almost been killed, what were your last thoughts before almost dying?"
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Survivors Of Stalkers Share Their Experiences
Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Stalkers are a special kind of scary.

That is just a cold, hard fact of life that we must deal with.

And for some reason, these people get fixated on others.

They think they're in love... meanwhile we're calling the police and moving cities.

There is nothing more horrifying than having your life held hostage by someone.

Redditor rentinghappiness wanted to see who would be willing to discuss what it took to live through this scary life experience. They asked:

"People who have had a stalker, how did you realize you were being stalked and what ended up happening?"
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