People Divulge Which Life Lessons They Learned The Hard Way

There are so many life lessons we learn way too late.

One of the biggest is that life itself is not as difficult as we chose to make it.

Humans always seem to take the long road.

Maybe that's just life.

Maybe it's meant to be arduous until we learn to think smarter not harder.

Redditor rectangularbearwanted to have a chat about the aspects of life we all wish we could've experienced a little easier.

They asked:

"What's a life lesson you learned the hard way?"

I have nothing to add. I only know how to make anything and everything hard.

Slow Down

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"Don't fall too fast for someone."


"That's why it's called falling."


Too Much

"High expectations are prone to leading to disappointment. This applies to all things, but personally, I find that it applies to people the most."


"I messed up with this big time. Talked me ex fiancé up like she was an angel straight for heaven. Turned out to be the Devil wearing Prada. Had to walk into church by myself looking straight busted when everyone found out my 'angel' dumped me."


The Smile

"Go to the dentist. Teeth don't heal, they only get worse."


"I know a guy who can’t understand why he can’t get a girlfriend. All of his teeth are rotted and discolored except one. Idk about anyone else, but to me that’s worse than just having no teeth at all. Idk if he realizes how much worse bad teeth can make you look."


Bad Blood

"Just because someone is family doesn't mean they will not screw you over."


"I too am among some of the many who have learned this the hard way. Foolish me experienced this time and time again before I finally realized that I have friends who have made better family than any of the blood related members of my life."


"I really hate the 'Family is everything' mentality some people espouse, as if the accident of blood relation excuses or entitles someone to abusive, manipulative behavior."


Single is Happy

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"Don’t settle, and if you get the vibe someone is settling for you, end it. Loneliness isn’t half as bad when compared to heartbreak."


"Regretting that single Tinder swipe after dating a paranoid for 11 months now, scared as hell for what could go wrong if I dump her."


Love is one of the most difficult things ever. Why so?


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"That when my Uncle says 'I won't bail you out of jail' what he actually means is 'I won't bail you out of jail.' Who'd have thought."


You got You!

"Nobody is gonna watch out for you, like you."


"I saw something the other day written by another foster parent that said 'I became the kind of person I wish would've saved me when I was a kid.' Punched me right in the feels because it's absolutely true, for me anyway."


The Heat

"Don't set yourself on fire to keep other people warm."


"Woah. This is all I've needed. I will never be the same. I will never think the same. I swear my life will only get better from here on. Such a simple sentence. Didn't think a reddit comment had the capacity to change my life so much. Obviously you haven't invented the phrase, but thank you for your comment."


Keep Trying

"Don't give up on something without even trying. Even if you are convinced you will fail. In life, no one will do it for you, you have to do it yourself."


"Yes. And don’t gauge your potential on your self-confidence. Even if you feel there’s no way you can do something, and even if you fail miserably on your first try, keep trying. You’d be amazed at how many people who got good at something but started out as the worst at it."


Say Bye

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"Trust your gut when friends do bad things. It’s ok to leave relationships."


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