What if whatever you're most afraid of in life now was what caused your past life to come to a bloody end? This is a fun game. What's yours?

u/CommieOfLove asked:

Your phobia is actually the cause of your death in a previous life. How did you die?

Here were some of the answers.

A Quick Slug

I was killed by slugs. However they had managed to do that.


Holy sh*t I also have this phobia. Slugs and snails, mostly the land variety. Unfortunately I'm also a gardener....


A Disturbing Image

Potato roots slowly bored their way into my pores...


This is disturbing. Really super disturbing.


Tower Of Terror

Something bad happened in that elevator. Not sure what, but it did.


The cables probably let go, one by one. The elevator car shaking and dropping a foot or two as each one snapped with a metallic twang, echoing down the dark abyss beneath you. Finally the last one lets go, and instead of a small drop you just keep going down, down down....


It's A Gross Way To Go

Vomiting to death. Sounds lovely.


I'm actually relieved to hear someone else is afraid to vomit. It's right up there with death for me.


Step By Step

Spiders, heights, and being in public.

I tried to run away from a spider on a tall building and fell off into a busy sidewalk.


in your underwear


And your crush saw you and laughed.


Count The Shadows

Entities from the darkness killed me, much like my dreams try to warn me about.


Hey, who turned out the lights?


Go Fly A Kite

You know, in Brazil approximately 20 people or so die every year because of kites.

"Kite fighting" is quite common, specially in lower income areas. People will spread glue and crushed glass on their kite lines to make it sharper, and that's a serious hazard for anyone on a bike, when the lines inevitably get tangled somewhere. And again, bikes are very common in those lower income areas.

So having your throat sliced by a kite is pretty realistic. Sh*tty way to go, really.

For anyone asking for sources, this is the only scholarly article in english that I could find, with no total figures given: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3109398/

This is in portuguese from a news website, but the figure seems reasonable: https://extra.globo.com/noticias/brasil/linha-chilena-mata-cerca-de-125-pessoas-por-ano-no-brasil-18249420.html

About 125 kite related deaths a year, being 30 of them motorcyclists/cyclists, and the remaining ones by electrocution.

Also apparently in the past few years, there's now a new type of line that uses aluminum oxide and quartz, called 'chilean line', that's even more dangerous than the usual glue/crushed glass 'cerol', so it sounds like the severity of the injuries have been getting worse.


Crushing Wet

I've faced it several times. Scuba diving is a blast for me and I am a pretty good swimmer, only one time while diving in Saipan did I have a moment of panic begin to emerge and I was able to fight it down. It was odd. Nothing was wrong, plenty of air left, I was just swimming along and all of a sudden I could feel it happening. It was the strangest feeling. I've been to war, jumped out of planes, fought fire in burning buildings and worked horrible accidents on an ambulance. I've never felt like I did in that moment.

But still, ever since I was a kid every time I think of horrible ways to die drowning freaks me out. It's so weird.


Plated Silver

I was swarmed and asphyxiated by a plague of silverfish.

Oh God.


Yikes, similar for me, except bludgeoned to death by a swarm of junebugs.



Being alone in the middle of the ocean with nothing around and no direction or knowledge of where I am.


My fears are icebergs, the cold and dark water. Soooo titanic?


Or suffocated by a glass of Coke with ice?


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