People Break Down The All-Time Best TV Dads

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Perhaps the main thing that keeps people returning to their favorite tv shows is the characters.

Be it heroes we love to see in action, the villains who we love to hate, or the friend group we wish we were a part of, nothing brings people greater joy than being part of their world for 30 minutes to an hour each week, or devoting an afternoon to bingeing.

Indeed, it's often the family shows people tend to resonate with the most, sometimes wishing their family could be more like what they see on television.

Particularly when it comes to fathers.

Be it a carefree, fun-loving goofball like Modern Family's Phil Dunphy or a sensitive neat freak like Full House's Danny Tanner, TV dads have earned a special place in the hearts of viewers.

Redditor Immola0069 was curious to hear who people considered the greatest TV dad of all time, leading them to ask:
"Who is the best TV dad?"

Man's Best Friend, And Everyone's Favorite Dad!

"Bandit Heeler."- AlisonSandraGator

The Father Will Was Always Missing

"Uncle Phil."- Sagranda

"Uncle Phil."- N7-Rogue-Spectre

fresh prince of bel air uncle phil GIF by Nick At NiteGiphy

As Wise As He Is Kind

"Uncle Iroh."

“'I was never angry with you. I was sad, because I was afraid you had lost your way'."- briareus08

Determined To Take Over The Tri-State Area!

"Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz."

"Sure, he's evil, but he loves his daughter."

"He will spend decades hunting down a rare doll just because she once said that she wanted it."

"He'll also zap an older guy into another dimension for hitting on her."- TechyDad

Creepy, Cooky, Mysetrious, Spooky, And One Great Dad!

"Gomez Addams."- Back2Bach

"Gomez Addams from the original 'Addams Family' show."

"A devoted and passionate spouse."

"A loving and supportive father."

"Cheerful, creative and energetic."

"Never a bad word for anyone that I can recall."- ElectricHelicoid


The Burgers Are An Added Bonus

"Bob Belcher."- International-Roll27

Realtor/Magician Extrodinaire!

"Phil Dunphy."- OakNogg

A Great Father In Any Galaxy

"Commander Adama."

"He would have stayed in that system forever to find his son." - Reddit

A Great Dad Before He Started Breaking Bad

"Hal from 'Malcolm in the Middle'."- PrincessBambi_2000

malcolm in the middle ifc GIFGiphy

Such A Great Dad, He Became The Main Character!

"Dan Conner."

"He gained so much respect from me when he stood up for Jackie when her boyfriend beat her."

"Plus, I just really love John Goodman."- daddyspader

Veronica's Source Of Inspiration

"Keith Mars from 'Veronica Mars'."- procrastinatorsuprem

Boldly Going Where No Dad Has Gone Before

"Captain Ben Sisko."- WARMASTER5000

Everyone's Favorite Whistling Sheriff

"'Andy Griffith'."

"Opie Tayler would never have turned into such a great kid without his Pa."- AtheneSchmidt

Andy Griffith GIFGiphy

No one can choose their parents, and thankfully, most people feel lucky with the parents they were given.

But every now and then, who doesn't wish their father was a joy inducing blue Dingo?

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