None of us are perfect.... well... besides me. But most of the mortals wandering about are doing their absolute best, every second. So it's always interesting to try to understand the reasons some people may chose to sever ties with a person. Like what could a friend have done that you would exile them? Aside from murder and philandering, let's list the reasons to dump a pal.

Redditor u/Sexysexsex6969420 wanted to discuss all the times we've been dumped by a friend by asking..... What was the dumbest reason a person had for no longer being friends with you?

Pay it Forward....

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She insisted on paying for our meal a few times (even after I offered to pick up the tab, or at least pay for my share) and then "felt like she was paying for everything all the time".


"Who" Knows....

I was watching Doctor Who in my college dorm.

Roommate asked what I was doing, so I told him about the show. He sat down and watched a few episodes with me in silence.

He then got up and refused to speak to me for the rest of the semester, then moved to another dorm.

To this day I have no idea what he found so objectionable.



I suggested she should clean her lizard enclosure more often, and took it personally.

I felt bad for the lizard. Filthy, filthy.. ;) But yeah an actual lizard enclosure, it would always be running through its own crap and stopped eating too. (It outgrew the cage he was in, not having proper lighting, etc). Just genuinely not happy. She wasn't the most hygienic person either though, and Im glad I don't have to smell her anymore but thats a different story.


He Looks Up....

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Became taller than him.



The idiot blocked me on facebook and messenger as a "prank" and then when he couldn't see my account to unblock me he accused me of blocking him and called me a traitor even though i didn't block him.

Well of course you can't see my account in your friends list if you blocked me you dimwitt, you gotta unblock people from the settings.



I couldn't afford to be her bridesmaid. I was experiencing hard times and living in poverty. She knew this and didn't give a crap. Her family was exceedingly wealthy and she was well-off. She was a spoiled brat and always got her way. She said I should make her wedding a financial priority. I didn't have money to put gas in my car. 15-year friendship down the drain. Turned out to be a huge blessing.


Who are you?

She got trained in another position at work and suddenly thought she was better than me, even though I was trained in adjacent position before her. Tried to make friends with all the people in her new position and sh!t talked me, invited them all out to dinner, told them not to tell me. It was really weird and stupid.



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Accused me of stealing a door knob.

I didn't steal it and never gave the guy a reason not to trust me.


Don't Beg! 

Don't be roommates with your friends. Best friend begged me to move in with him, only to be kicked out 3 months later because "once or twice you left a window open, and I know you don't leave dirty dishes out but you should clean everyone's dishes if you get the chance." Turns out his gf just wanted me out so her friends could move in, then they broke up a couple months later. Still see the guy time to time and we're cool, but we went from being best friends since kindergartn to super distant.


Y'all do You!

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Friend of over a decade. His wife was screwing him over, cheating and threatening to take his kids away.

I came over one day to lend a shoulder to lean on. She showed up, starting yelling about some stuff in the house (she had moved in with her new partner by this point). He repeatedly asked her to calm down.... She tried to take a painting that was left to them from his late grandma. He said no, so she punched a hole in it and left.

He was there crying (6'5" burly bearded guy btw). I tried to help. I made the mistake of bringing my opinion of her into the matter (a not so good opinion). Told him he was better than her. You know. Dude trying to cheer his bro up.

They got back together a week later and he stopped talking to me. It's been near 4 years now. No explanation was ever given. I just assumed it was because of her.


Y'all too much....

I had friends who were a married couple. They were going through a messy breakup and wanted everyone to pick sides. I refused to pick sides. They were both angry with me for not hating their "evil" SO during that time period even after they got back together...

Like they still wanted to be together, but they also wanted all their friends to hate the other one? It was so odd. They lost all their friends over this.



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I'm not a 'vibe' anymore.


Not with my candy....

I had a buddy for years before high school. He moved from a small apartment in a bad area to a larger one in a nicer complex, then on to a condo in an even nicer area. I visited the condo, hung out a while, then on the way out grabbed a mint from a tray near the front door.

He ran after me when I was a few blocks away, slugged me, and took the wrapper from me. We never spoke again.


8 Months Later...

Friend hadn't returned any calls for 8 months when I went through a tough time.

I finally decided to go see him and he said that I used his remote control and searched for "porn" because I was in his house watching TV that day we had last seen each other, said his nephew was looking for a show a few days later and "porn" auto completed, must've been me.

20 year friendship, when he had no license I'd pick him up for motocross, fix his bike, take him to get gas, go riding, Dunkins and bring him home. I never talked to him again.


I Rock...

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During my childhood my neighbor told me one day that his friend (a girl) refused to be friends with me because "I looked like a boy". All because I rocked short hair. Kids can be a**holes sometimes lol.


Ain't Nobody Married....

I had sex with the girl I had a crush on.

Mind you, he did not have a crush on her. He barely even knew her. I asked multiple times if he had a thing for her, because if he did, then I had no idea. Repeatedly he told me he did not, but that my actions were gross. A couple of weeks later we were cool, but that shit was weird.



I refused to go to Toronto with her and a 60 years old guy she met online to go get an exotic bird from Africa she ordered.

According to her plan we were to sleep in the same hotel room as this guy "Richard". When I told her I would not come cause I feared for my life, that it might be dangerous, she got really angry and said "Wow you fear for your life and not mine."

She called me the following day to tell me she didn't want to be my friend anymore.

She found my phone number like 5 years later and wanted to reconnect and I just told her: "Hey, I appreciate it, but I think you made a good call when you decided to end our friendship. I wish you the best."


In the Eye...

I was talking to a friend and they decided to put on some mascara. They poked their eye and then started to yell at me saying it was my fault. They demanded I apologize and say that it was my fault it happened. I said I was sorry it happened to them but I wasn't going to take the blame for something that wasn't my fault.

This person held a grudge for like two years and even slammed a locker door into me at some point since we always had lockers next to each other. They tried to drag mutual friends into it too... over them not being able to put on mascara properly. This was in middle school. I'm 30 now and it's still the dumbest reason someone's ever ended a friendship.


Little Creep...

My parents gave me the DnD 3.5 books as a birthday present. He had specially forbade me from getting the books (so he would be the only one who knew the rules for certain?).

He was a controlling little guy. He cold shouldered me and refused to talk to me any more, and apparently swapped the insert he had made of me in his home drawn comic book from a hero to a villain overnight. This was second hand info I heard years later, but he apparently considered me accepting a gift as the biggest betrayal he had ever experienced.

I hadn't thought of him in 15 years until I saw this post.


Use Yahoo....

google GIFGiphy

She gave me the wrong address for a party, I typed it into google maps, and it took us to the wrong place. (She drove, I was the passenger.) She never spoke to me again.


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