People Divulge The Dumbest Reason They've Ever Lost A Friend

People Divulge The Dumbest Reason They've Ever Lost A Friend
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Good friendships are hard to come by. So when we have a loyal and trustworthy friend, we want to hold on to them as best we can.

Unfortunately, life intervenes, and many people grow distant as they embark on new careers or move to another state or country.

But is it just gradual circumstances that come between friends? Not always.

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy and realize too late they were the reason why a good friendship fizzled.

Curious to hear about the regrettable treatments of others, Redditor rwetreweryrttre asked:

"What's the dumbest reason you lost a friend?"

The root of all evil.

Lending Money

"Over lent out money."

"They wanted to borrow some money (100+ euros) and months later they got angry, when i asked when they think they were going to pay it back. Suddenly i was the greedy one."

– EvilAlicia


"legit ended a friendship because of this too. She borrowed $200 from me over a year ago, I went overseas for a year then came back and remembered the money. Within the year I was gone she'd bought herself a $40k car. I asked for the money, she kept promising she'd get it to me but every week it was a new excuse."

"She then asked if she could pay in installments. Ended up only getting half the amount until I released I would never see the other half and ended up cutting her off as a friend for good. Best decision."

– ThrowRARAw

Video Renting Spree

"He kept using my card to buy Amazon video rentals, like $330 worth. Lost my sh*t and stopped talking to him."

– mcfrogboi

The Special Request

"My Cousin and me wanted to play Monster Hunter World together."

"He didn't have much money left and i wanted to Gift it to him. He said 'fine, but remember me Daily to give you the money back!'"

"Yeah, i did that and he got really angry over the time of a few days and then he was really pissed. He then sent me the Money on a different account ( not my personal money account, instead he sent it on to our Teamspeak Provider account.. and then he quit. He deleted me and all friends. ) All because of his wish that i remind him Daily because he didn't like to have debts."

– Pentagon0M

Value Of Friendship

"I lent him $100."

"I didn't even care about the money after a while, I just wanted my friend back."

– TheLikeGuys3

Misunderstandings lead to the demise of the following friendships.

Ulterior Motives

"He misinterpreted every good intentioned thing I did, as some sort of underhanded attack. I still don't understand it."

– AreYouItchy

That Darn Cat

"I was friends with someone for almost a decade and she suddenly quit talking to me and ignoring me. After several weeks of this I confronted her and asked her what was up, why was she ignoring me."

"Turns out that the last time my kids had a sleepover at her house all their stuff smelled like cat pee and she decided that it meant that I let them live in filth. She decided that I was an abusive father and she could no longer be friends with me."

"The reality was that my kids were so excited for the sleepover they packed their bag the night before and put it in the living room so we could grab everything on the way out the next morning. The bag was not fully closed and at some point in the night our cat climbed in the bag and peed on their stuff. We did not realize it because we just grabbed the bag on the way out and threw it in the trunk. But, instead of calling us when she opened their bag that night so we could bring them clean clothes, or even telling us when we picked them up the next morning, she just decided I was a horrible person and never spoke to me again. (Except to tell me why when I confronted her about ignoring me for weeks)"

"The biggest reason this whole thing was so stupid is that she had just been complaining to me 2 week prior about how their cat had recently been peeing on their fresh laundry and they didn't know why. And that she would go to grab something and discover it smelled like pee."

"It never occurred to her that someone else's cat could randomly pee on something and they might not notice it right away. She just decided that I knew my kids stuff smelled like cat pee and just didn't care. Despite the fact that she had been in my house many, many times and nothing had ever smelled like cat pee. it was all just bizarre."

– BranWafr

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A Bad Judgement

"he traded us in for what he thought were cooler friends."

"we saw them bullying him not long after. Serves him right. Im f'king cool."

– graeuk

Not Into Him

"I've lost friends for various reasons usually because I had issues and pissed a lot of people off. One however I have no idea. We got on great we always hung out and then one night he came round to talk about his friends upcoming surgery since I'd had the same procedure and never heard from him again."

"I tried to message multiple times over the next few years and now reply and this is considering he used to get upset if I didn't reply in a certain time. Personally I think he was gay and was in to me, which is nice but sorry you're a good friend and I'll support you but no."

"After I got with my ex girlfriend who he had worked with he wouldn't even read my messages. Still miss him. If I was gay I'd happily be with him."

– SnooCapers9313

These friendships were just asking to be severed.

Antagonistic Tendencies

"He was incapable of holding a conversation that wasn't about transformers or warhammer. He'd pick fights with my other friends. He would complain nobody would play games with him, but he'd bully other people about their setups."

"He also has some really hardcore misogynistic tendencies. Women are simply objects to him, and his obsession with porn is f'king creepy."

– Cyber-Cafe

True Colors

"My parents wanted to leave a church because the pastor had some problems and the new church leaders were teaching some weird sh*t. So when we left 90% of my friends parents cut all contact with us even though they had known me from birth."

"It was a really sh**ty thing for them to do. I kept my best friend though. And my parents were able to keep 3 of their closer friends. It really showed them who their real friends were."

– Moonacid-likes-bulbs

The Confidante

"I grew up in really rough circumstances. I think my hs friends clicked that something wasnt right at home but I never talked about it. My 'best friend' kept encouraging me to speak to her so she could be there for me as she felt it was important to get things off my chest."

"Anyway one day I finally did. Only gave her about half of the information but it felt good to trust in someone. Next day at school I walk into what I thought was my first class to find no students, just a group of my teachers and my 'friend.' She had told a bunch of teachers and they ambushed me in that classroom with the 'school counsellor' (the 90s kid version of a counsellor so it was not a fun experience)"

"Afterwards my 'friend' asked me never to speak of my life again. She said my life was 'too negative' so she didn't want to be around me anymore. Cool beans'"

– LilPeaHen

Conflict Of Interest

"Apparently my not wanting children and taking two semesters off university instead of one to work meant we didn't have the same path in life. Folks, he was dating a gal very seriously at the time, and we had a sibling like relationship. I can't imagine how my reproductive choices were relevant."

"Needless to say, the fact that someone I loved as a brother ended our friendship out of the blue for such strange reasons broke my heart. While I realize now that he clearly wasn't much of a friend, to this day I still wonder why he really ended the friendship, because normal people don't end friendships for that reason."

– occultatum-nomen

A Bad Exit

"I had a friend who got drunk, had a fight with her drunk BF and they left the bar drunk, BF driving, still arguing."

"The car was going 75 mph when she thought it was a good idea to open the door and step out of the car."


The Anti-Vaxxer

"I ended a 20 year friendship with my best friend cause he refused to get vaccinated and I'm at higher risk. He had high risk relatives and I couldn't understand why not, so I bluntly told him how I felt, he got mad and cussed me out and I haven't talked to him in months."

– Philcollinsforehead

To my knowledge, I don't think I ever "lost" a friend due to disrespect or having a bad fallout.

But, like, most people, I have had friends who have become distant. The main reason, in my case, is because the people with whom I often used to get into plenty of mischief have become parents.

Suddenly, babies became the priority, and I found myself no longer having anything in common with my parent friends.

We'll still keep in touch, of course, although not as often.

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