People Break Down The Stupidest Reason A Random Stranger Got Upset With Them
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Whatever happened to depending on the kindness of strangers?

Often times it feels like every stranger is my own personal comic book villain.

It says a lot about us as a society when something as simple as a "good day to you" can spark a riot.

Redditor Mizuazura wanted to discuss the times we've all been accosted by a total rando or three that left us baffled by asking:

"What is the stupidest reason a random stranger was mad at you? What happened?"

A Time for Battle

"I bought the last cream-filled doughnut at a jolly pirates and the old lady behind me in line took this as a declaration of war saying that I took it from her. The worker chimes in saying they making more and they'd be ready in about half an hour, but she wasn't having it. I hope she's doing ok, it was such a silly thing to get mad over."



Stupid Mom

"This would sound stupid to some of you. I was 10, and I was playing at a public park. Suddenly, a 6 year kid came near me and started confronting me, she said I was too old to play in the kids area. I wanted to ask her 'Who the hell are you??' It was embarrassing because a kid was scolding me in front of so many people."

"Her mom thought that I was harassing her and started running towards us. She shouted at me without knowing what actually happened. And, people was praising that freaking kid for being 'brave'. I did nothing wrong, the swing wasn't her mom's property and she talked as if she's the Mayor of our town."


I work at Target...

"Had some lady get mad at me last night in a Walmart because I wasn't an employee there and couldn't help her. Last I checked Walmart employees don't wear bright crazy yellow shirts with reflective safety striping, faux badges on their sleeves, or wear slippers while on duty."



"I once had a guy at the beach yell at me to stop laughing. I wasn't laughing at him at all. Just laughing to myself because I was happy and having fun."



Looks Weird...

"A guy yelled at me from balcony because I didn't pick up after dog. He couldn't understand that my dog only peed. I had to explain to him that female dogs need to squat to pee. He also couldn't accept the fact that she is a female dog, because she just 'looks like male.' (American akita)."


Evil Lives

"I was 8 years old, swimming in a swimming pool and a women nearby frowned at me and said, "UGH! Lose some weight!!" I didn't know how to respond, I just started crying."


"Man, this could be my grandmother. She liked to say things just to shock people. We were in the mall one day when a little boy strolled by, and my grandmother said, 'What a fat little boy!' This, from a woman whose body shape could best be described as an apple on stilts."

"Also the same woman who visited us while we were living in Germany, and while at a cafe, would not stop talking loudly about the Nazis. I know it doesn't help, but when people say crap like that, it usually has nothing to do with the target of their ire and everything to do with their own misery. I'm sorry you had to go through that."


T'was a pleasant experience.....

"Me and a friend were around 13. While we were waiting to cross the road, we started talking about the sushi that we were about to eat at her place, both very excited. After not even a minute, this HUGE bald man standing in front of us whips around and just yells at us to SHUT the F**K UP, with the look of a man who would not Hesitate to Punch a Child. So we did. And then had to walk in the same direction as him for the next 5 minutes. T'was a pleasant experience..."


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"At McDonald's once. Some lady was mad at me for knowing how to work the touch screen ordering kiosk but not actually being an employee there. She acted like I had wilfully bamboozled her for a sick laugh."



Ok Bye...

"I said hi to her. This was back when bluetooth was a semi-new technology. She was wearing a BT ear piece and I didn't see it. I was walking home from school and she was standing out in her driveway. She said 'hi' and started talking."

"I turned and looked at her, didn't see anyone or her phone so I said 'hi' back while continuing to walk. She got a disgusted look on her face, pulled her hair back from her ear, and snapped 'CAN YOU NOT SEE I'M ON THE PHONE????' I just left and didn't respond."


Dog Park Crazies...

"Brought my big dogs into 'big dog' side of dog park. Two ladies with SEVEN chihuahuas started screaming at me and then tried to tase me. Needless to say that the cops got involved."



“dirty money”

"I found a coin and put it in my pocket, some dude called me poor because I picked up 'dirty money' and all I said was:'richer than you' he beat me up and nearly broke my neck If you’re reading this, f**k you and get help."

"Edit: for anyone wondering, the guy was 20-24 and I was 14, I called the police but they didn’t do much. For anyone saying: 'shouldn’t have replied' don’t blame the victim alright." ~ MlCHlEL

XMAS '20

"It was Christmas Day 2020, I was at work at the register (gas station) while a customer walks up to a food warmer. Customer asks if all we have is pizza, advised we had more food like burgers etc coming up in about 10 min. Customer yells ' Great, now all I get is this f**king pizza' and proceeds to pick a slice then throw it on the counter at me." ~ Linisaria

Middle Finger

"Waiting at a bus stop after school some random guy sits next to me and tries to sell me weed. I tell him I'm not interested and he gets up and stands away near the curb as a bus approaches and he gets on then he sits at the back of the bus and looks out the window at me and just starts throwing me the middle finger while aggressively mouthing some words haha." ~ SunKing210


"It was on here. I used the word 'then' instead of 'than.' I got a message from this guy saying I'm a f-ing idiot and not to breed. Also that I must be fat and my husband is cheating on me. I laughed it off and blocked him." ~ Amie80

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Oh Karens...

"Working in retail/fast food in high school. That's all you need to say, right? But really - Karens existed well before 2020. One time working at a fast food chain, I was asked for one extra honey mustard sauce. Our particular franchisee had strict limits and we had managers all over the place. I needed my job at the time, so I told them there was an extra charge for more sauce. They wouldn't pay, left in a rage and said when I get off work, they're going to shoot me." ~ DaveyJonas

I do not miss you one bit...

"I used to work at Sainsbury's Local (supermarket chain in the UK) and some drunk dude tried to start a fight with me because I told him we don't sell individual cans of beer, only a 4 pack or more. I told him I don't make the rules and if you just want one can we have charge for four."

"He starts getting more and more irate and eventually clenches his fist and squares up to me (keep in mind I'm just 19 and this dude is like 40). Luckily my manager saw this escalating and stepped in before it kicked off and asked the guy to leave. Oh retail work, I do not miss you one bit. I have so many horror stories." ~ TheJuic3


"My phone number got spoofed and who ever did it called someone and then hung up after not saying anything. A**hole then proceeds to call the number (me) back, screaming about how I'm a horrible person for hanging up on them and wasting their time. I tried to explain it to him, as I had been receiving confused voicemails for a while, but he wouldn't let me get a word in. He was screaming so loud his voice was breaking, over what was probably a 5-10 second scam call. It was unbelievable." ~ JCV-16


"I smiled at him. He was angry when he found out I wasn't the only person he smiled at. I worked in retail at the time. Customer service, mate." ~ Hellevan

Happy If You Say So GIF Giphy


"Myself and some friends were walking home from some underage event, we were probably 16 or so, we took a shortcut through some estate and this absolute Karen confronts us backed up by what I can only assume we're fellow PTA members, and accuses us of stealing potted plants from their gardens."

"We had literally just arrived and tried to explain this but she was having none of it and threatened to get the police involved. Eventually she gave us a stern warning and left so naturally we then did the mature thing and stole her potted plants, left them down the road, peed on em a little and headed home." ~ Brian_Gay

I only hit the ground...

"A couple of years ago in a parking lot, my brother and I were goofing around on our way back to our car. I accidentally tripped and fell right next to someone else’s car, and the owner of said car was sitting inside of it. She got out, gave us the dirtiest look, and inspected the rear end of her car, thinking that I had run into it or damaged it in some way. I hadn’t even touched it. I only hit the ground. Literally no reason for her to be mad." ~ BootsLookinGood

Now granted, some are really struggling, so they may not have ill intent, they may not know any better.

But there are a bunch of people out there that are just plain ornery, on a good day.

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