Sleepovers are painted up in our nostalgia as fun times when childhood bonds turn into lifelong friendships. Or, and this is a little more common, they're social-anxiety traps, sprung by hormones, which force you to reexamine your life choices that coerced you to agree to stay the night in someone else's home. You're cornered, unable to flee on foot, and the only escape is to call...your mommy.

Let's hear about when it was so bad you never wanted to do it again!

Reddit user, u/foreffa, wanted to hear about those horrors that only occur at someone else's house when they asked:

What happened at that sleepover when you were a kid that made you feel like you never wanted to go to that persons house ever again?

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Sticky Fingers

The mother accused me of stealing $50. When I tried to leave to go home, she blocked the door and insisted she drive me home. I bolted out of the door when she went to get her keys.

Turns out she just didn't want me to spend the night but thought accusing me of theft was the best way to get me to leave.


My Excitement Is Pouring Out Of Me

Had a major nosebleed, bled all over their house and had to be picked up.

Was so embarassed I apologized and didnt talk to them again for 4 years


''I'm doing you a favour, this paintjob is terrible.''


Nightmare Fuel With Cats

I saw her mother taking a bath with her cats (she had seven) some cats in the water with her. So weird...


Don't Turn Your Back, Don't Look Away, And Don't...

an entire hallway filled with angel statues (and you betcha some of them were weeping). the bathroom was at the end of it.

no thanks, i'll just hold that pee in, i think.


Just don't blink and you'll be okay.


Screaming The Night Away

His dad was sleepwalking all around the house and swearing at the top of his lungs.


Hands From The Darkness

When I was 12 I was going to sleepover my friend's house. Earlier in the night we all went to the movies. We saw Poltergeist. I wasn't a big fan of scary movies and this was the scariest movie I ever saw up that point. The clown. Holy crap that clown.

So we get back to his house and get ready for bed. I sleep on a sleeping bag on the floor between his bed and his little brother's...on the floor...between two beds. Two dark, cavernous, empty voids of beds.

I spent hours just waiting to be dragged under. I didn't go on a sleepover for a bit after that one.


When You Don't Know The Rules...

He was a tattletale. We were playing with GI Joes and going through them I picked up Dr.Mindbender and proclaimed "I don't like this guy, he's dumb". The kid shot out of his room and ran to his mom to inform her I called an action figure "dumb". She came barging into the room yelling at me about how we don't use langue like that in this house. My fault, I apologized and moved on.

At dinner I had accidentally dropped a piece of green bean on the floor which their dog ate, he snitched on me again and said I was feeding the dog. The mother again ripped into me about how "we don't feed the dog people food in this house". After the verbal lashing I got upset and asked to call my grandma to pick me up. Needless to say I never talked or played with that a--hat again because of his mom.


Me and my best friend at 13 had a wierd obsession with boxing

we both owned a pair of gloves each and he told me to bring then with me for the friday night sleep over because we are going to have a friday night exhibition fight for his whole family to watch and enjoy.

For some reason i was so excited i had butterflies and got a few hours of training in which basically was me in the backyard with my gloves on punching and ducking at a tree. Friday night arrives and Mum dropped me off at my friend's for the night it was a quite drive over as i mentally prepare myself for the match. I take my bag to his room and i hear my friend talking to his mum and dad in a really awkward and cringey manner begging them to let us have a quick fight just one and you are the judges.

I hear my mate yell put your gloves on the time has come i walk out with my glove on into a very awkward situation of two parents who dont want to watch us or allow us to fight he tells his dad to make a bell sound ding ding right at that moment i blew it i got distracted by his cat jumping onto the window sill outside and he got a clean left right full force combo on my little head i stagger backward and falll over and hear the sound of alot of glass breaking

i relised i knocked over a big shelf full of fancy expensive vases i knew it was serious by the yelling going on so i did what i needed to do played the victim and pretended to be knocked out to buy some time and come up with a plan that got me about a minute more until i heard the mum say shes calling a ambulance so i yell out just call my mum to pick me up

mum arrives i run to the car and tell het hurry home im sick and never returned to that house again.


Yep, That'll Do It

They gave me lice


The Bloodiest Soft-Shot Battle Of All Time

My compulsive a-- shot his dad in the head with a nerf gun


The Pet Is A Huge Red Flag

I went to the sleepover birthday party of one of the members of my boy scout troop, my first big red flag was how the family treated their dog, whenever he barked the entire family would shout at him like he just ate their firstborn, then there was the general state of mild grunge that affected the entire house, not to mention his dad was just an unpleasant slob.

That was the first and thankfully last time I felt so uncomfortable in someones home that I left and never went back.


You Get Up And RUN

I built a new LEGO set and brought it with me to show him and he smashed it with a bat.

I got up and left immediately.


That's A Big Ol' "NO"

Woke up in the middle of the night with a stink bug on my face, one on my neck, one on my stomach and one on my foot.

She lived in my neighborhood so I left a note and walked home.


"Captain D-ckhead"

When I was 10, a few of us went to this kid Keith's house for a birthday party/sleepover. He was a nice kid but his mom had a boyfriend who was a complete d-ck head. The entire day he barked at us about every little thing that he didn't like (one kid apparently took too many potato chips and this dude yelled at him like he'd just committed murder). In the evening, we're hanging out in the living room watching whatever movie his mom rented and captain d-ckhead decides that we're not allowed to watch the movie anymore because he wants to watch something else.

His mom stopped him and he reacted like a kid being told he's getting no dessert. None of us ever stayed over again and years later, I ran into Keith at a bar and he told me his mom dumped the guy a month later for "being such an a--hole."


Closer Than They Need To Be

The mum kissed me on the lips.

We were 8 or 9, and the whole evening was fine until bed time. My friend & I both squeezed into her single bed. Her mum came to say goodnight, stroked both our hair, then kissed us both on the lips. Then my friend went straight to sleep - no sleepover games/fun. Probably not that strange, but it made me feel super uncomfortable.

Did not go back.


Double The Awful

I've had two experiences...

  1. was like 8 years old and the friend was a total b-tch to her mom and made me sleep in front of the fireplace after watching an scary move that TERRIFIED me where a character was pulled up through the fire place because of aliens or ghosts... don't quite remember which, but I called my mom to pick me up and left in the middle of the night and never went back.
  2. Stayed at a friend's house in high school and she had a bunk bed... the bottom bunk was bigger where she slept and the top bunk was usually where I'd sleep. We were watching some Disney movie in our respective bunks. I heard a soft tapping on the ceiling near my feet and it slowly got louder and continued above my body until there was a loud slam right above my head from the other side of the ceiling. I screamed and jumped out of the bunk bed right as her locked bedroom door flew open. I made her switch bunks that night and never set foot in that house again.


With Friends Like These

I woke up and overheard my "friends" on the phone telling some guy how fat I was...

I walked home at 5am. My mom answered the door and I started crying.

Not my best memory.


Leaving Only To Come Back

Her dad came home drunk, got louder and louder. At 2am, after screaming at all his kids, and threatening to kick all of us 10 year olds out into the street to spend the night in a bad area of town, he passed out with the TV on full volume.

I asked her if she turns it down so she can sleep, as it was painfully loud even in her room. She said, "no, never. Not safe. Now I lock my door."

Snuck out the window with another friend, she refused to come. We slept in a big toy play area of a park until morning, snuck back in once the dad left for work, and ate breakfast while waiting for our parents to pick us up.


Yelling Always Makes It Better

his sister came home drunk in the middle of the night and the also drunk parents where screaming about whether or not to take her to a hospital.

friend and i sat in his room and he wouldn't stop crying while i sat there awkwardly.


This Is My Literal Waking Nightmare

I pooped in the toilet and flushed. Toilet stopped up - I was like 9 so not like growna-- man turds - and the whole family yelled at me for not "Asking if it was OK to flush".

I got a tummy ache and called my parents to come get me.


What's the sleepover that nearly turned you off them for good? Let us know!

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