People Share Their Biggest 'Sh*t, This Is Gonna Hurt' Stories

Pain resides mostly in your mind. Odds are, thinking about the thing that's going to cause you pain is a lot worse than the actual pain itself. Just ask any child getting a shot or going to the dentist. However, seeing the pain coming in, ready to smack you in the face or stab you in the foot can make it a thousand times worse. Just ask these folks!

Reddit user, u/aksell96, wanted to hear:

What was your biggest "F-ck, this is gonna hurt" moment?

The Awfulness Of Childhood


Once as a kid I was racing my friends down a hill in our neighborhood on our razor scooters - I had a cool red one with hand brakes. Anyways, we're racing down this hill and I begin to notice some of the road is cracked. By this point we're flying down this hill. I avoid one big crack but get stuck in one directly after. These cracks were filled with tar to cover them up, but the tar sank to the bottom of the cracks and created another hard layer beneath.

In other words, I caught the most terrible case of forced speed wobbles due to my scooter moving to the curvature of the cracks. Next thing I know I'm doing a barrel roll in mid air. Right before I landed I knew it was gonna suck. I landed on my stomach first and puked. Most terrible feeling thing ever. Honestly thought I ripped my esophagus out.


Followed By A Lot Of Child Swearing

When I was younger I stepped on a shell while playing at the beach. That thing went so deep into my sole of the foot that I couldn't stop crying for hours.

The "f-ck, this is gonna hurt" momment of this story was when I saw the nurse pouring balsamic vinegar in my foot and placing a huge tweezers next to it. The rest of this story is NSFW.


Let's Fight To Get OUT Of Trouble

When I turned just a little too sharp on an ATV and the wheels caught and my brother and I flew through the air in slow motion. I landed face first my brother landed on his side. We were laying right next to each other and it rolled over us thankfully not hurt except for a couple scrapes. We were like "we should probably pretend to fight to explain these injuries."

So we drove the four wheeler back to barn and on the way back to the house we erupted into a fight outta nowhere and threw each other around in the gravel driveway with our mom watching. A few days passed and we thought we got away with it and at supper our dad was like "who wrecked the four-wheeler?" Me being dumb was like "what four-wheeler?" Anyways, that was when I learned that it goes a whole lot better if you tell someone you messed rather than let them find out for themselves.


Broke The Sound Barrier

ingrown toenail removal

need i say more?


Just went through that and I didn't get anesthesia. The people in the next state over heard me yell


Yeah, College Is The Worst

Was riding my bike downhill with a box of books under one arm. When I went to hit the brakes before I got to the street I discovered it was the wrong arm. My free hand was on the front brake.

Realized about ten feet from the road that I was gonna have to hit it and beef it. Went headfirst over the handlebars and sprained my shoulder. Never occurred to me to let go of the books.

Had to call my mom literally my first day of college to tell her I my arm was broken.

Incidentally, this is also how I discovered the student health center was for MENTAL health, not physical


Don't You Put That Evil On Me, Ricky Bobby!

When I broke my collarbone playing soccer. Was sprinting and a kid made a poor slide tackle effort (cleats up/red card style). It flipped me over, but I got so high in the air that I remember being upside down looking down to ground and thinking "I am not supposed to be this high, I'm f**ked." Kind of like when Ricky Bobby's car got flipped and he was like "yep, I'm in the air upside down, this is not good."


Probably Can't Watch "My Little Pony" Anymore


Probably the time I had to bail off a galloping horse.

It was a horse I had been training and we were going at a pretty good clip. unbeknownst to me, the cinch (part of the saddle that wraps around their rib cage and holds the saddle snug to their back) was wearing out and loosening. Suddenly, the whole saddle was sliding to the right, rotating me down towards his legs. We were going at about 40 MPH and I had two choices: Hold on and potentially let the saddle injure his legs while also getting kicked to death or bail and tumble into the rocky ground at 40 MPH. I bailed to save the horse and ended up shredding my clothes on the rocky desert floor. A branch from a bush tried to force it's way up my *ss and left a long scar up my right butt cheek.

The horse is OK.


That's Not A Great Visual On Any Level

I had a pin in my big toe after a really bad foot/ankle break. The pin was about an inch and a half long, stuck right under where my toenail was. When I went to get it out, I was told I wouldn't be getting local anethstesia. The doctor walked in with pliers to pull it out. My butthole puckered up so tight.


What's the worst hurt you've ever been in that you saw coming? Tell us all about it!

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