People Share Their Absolute Best Memory From Their Time In School

Hit me baby one more time....

Ah the good ole days of yore. The time when we believed the world was against us and education was a prison. Lord we knew nothing. Those days were the best we had. Ok, well maybe for many school wasn't a picnic but, there had to be some moments of joy. We all hold memories that last and bring a smile. Don't we?

Redditor u/hellohuman122 wanted everyone to share the best days of their lives, even though we didn't know it by asking.... What was a good memory you had when you were in school?

The Loft

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My 3rd grade class had a "reading loft". It was a pretty good sized "fort" (probably taking up 1/3 of the classroom) covered in carpet and had lots of cool places to hang out if you wanted to read. The teacher incentivized us to finish work early so we could grab a book and head to the "reading loft" so we didn't have to hang out at our desks being bored.


One day in math.....

I got bullied a lot in middle school. One day in math I'd just been overwhelmed and couldn't take anymore so I called my dad and begged him to pick me up. He told me I'd be alright and just ignore it. 20 minutes later I got called to the office for check out and he took me to get my favorite food and spent the afternoon in the park with me. RIP old man, that was one of the best days of my entire life.


Being Strange....

In third grade, it was some reading appreciation week, and we decided as a class to visit a cemetery. Granted it's a pretty famous cemetery with a couple of really important people buried there, and we had a scavenger hunt to find them. Along with like the oldest grave we could find, the biggest, and we had to make a rubbing of one of our choosing. As a strange child, it was the best field trip I had ever been on.


Can you hear me now?

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When I was in second grade, I got bullied because my whole family was deaf. One kid kept picking on me everyday. Well one day he came up to me and started screaming, saying can your mom hear me, and this tall girl stepped in and punched him in the face. She got suspended, but no one ever made fun of me again. We became best friends after that.


You're Exiled. 

I got banned from reading in class because I'd finish my work early and pull out a book. The teachers would always say I wouldn't pay attention.

So I started writing and doodling. Then the teachers started confiscating my pencil and paper, saying I wouldn't pay attention.

So I'd read ahead in the textbook instead. Then the teachers started holding my textbooks when I didn't immediately need them, saying I wouldn't pay attention.

So when I'd finish my classwork I'd just dissociate and spend the rest of the hour staring at empty space. It was not particularly healthy, and it definitely has had a permanent effect on me.


Hey Ho! Let's Go!

I was always a shy introvert and when I went off to high school I made it a goal to do one thing during my 4 years there that would force me out of my comfort zone. I ended up trying out for the cheerleading team. I was definitely not the type to get up in front of a crowd and cheer. The tryouts involved performing a personally choreographed dance which was no issue as I had some dance background.

They allowed those who wanted to try out to perform their dances in groups, but since I had no friends I did it alone. I was so damn nervous but I did it and I made the team! The rest of my high school experience pretty much sucked but that one thing made me really proud of myself.


Ask Dave...

I had a young teacher who was maybe a year or two out of school himself. He asked if he set his own car on fire at a Dave Matthew concert, would it be illegal. I told him that it would be. He thought since it was his property he could destroy it. I had to point out, yes, but it is disorderly conduct. Then I had one teacher who played minor league baseball for years. He was very good looking.

It was a private, Catholic school and they paid crap. I know because another math teacher wrote a problem on the board and muttered the people in the problem with a lemonade stand were finally people who made less than him. High school was a strange time!


Gossip Queen...

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A math teacher paused a class because he got a message from his brother. His brother met a girl at a party and had a crush on her, but he found a week later that she was lesbian and got a heartbreak. He went outside to call his brother and came back and told us the story.


Safe from Chocolate....

Every morning my teacher will ask us questions about history if we get it right he would give us a snicker bar. But this the funny part, he would throw the snickers bar at us real hard. So if get the question right you would had to dodge the fast moving snickers.


Straight Up!

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Watching my mother rip the principal a new one because a typing teacher failed me for poor posture despite my having 100% on every assignment plus bonus marks.

Mom ranked up that day.


The Jump

In high school we had a group project and this class was 90% girls so the other 10% guys (including me) were in a group. This teacher used to kinda gang up on us with the girls and one day she was preoccupied and we were talking about how we didn't want to be there and we should just jump out the window.

This one guy scopes out the window, sticks his feet out first, give us a wink and just jumps out. Dropped probably 7-10 feet onto the grass and just waltzes back into class like he just came from the bathroom or something. Teacher didn't even notice.


"sex equals fun"

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One of my math teachers in high school was a bit on the crazy side in a very good way.

He'd scoot around the room on his desk chair, rolling over backpacks and the like. He'd punctuate talks with weird sayings like "but, but, but, he said, which is tub spelled backwards." He generally made the class time entertaining for everyone.

One day, he decided to show us the derivation of a mathematical formula. Nowadays, showing this particular formulation to a bunch of high school students would likely get him kicked out.

I don't remember the exact derivation, but the end result was "the integral of e to the x power equals some function of u to the nth power." Written out, it looks like this:

Sex = f(u)n

Yes, he went through a whole mathematical derivation just to tell a group of high school students "sex equals fun."



I was a terrible student and a huge baseball fan growing up. In 6th grade I had an English teacher who knew I wasn't dumb, just hard to motivate. She privately offered me an extra credit assignment, all I had to do was write a 2 page essay on any topic I liked at all explaining why I liked it so much. I straight up turned down her offer, being content with my C- grade.

So she flipped it around on me and publicly told another guy in my class that since HE was the biggest Red Sox fan in the class, he should write a 2 page essay about the Red Sox and present it to the class. I practically jumped out of my seat and said I was a way bigger Red Sox fan than Mike and I should be the one writing that essay. She let us both write one. She was a really good teacher.


Miss you Mr Pitchford.​

Reminds me of my history teacher in my first 2 years at secondary school. He hummed and spoke in rhyme and called the class his 'little chickadees'. He was a fun teacher who I only saw genuinely angry twice. He had kinder egg toys on his desk.

He grew his beard every 5 years and shaved it off for charity.

He had a heart attack and fell down the stairs in our last year at school and supposedly had another not long after we left. No idea if that awesome teacher is still alive, he wasn't that old, if alive I expect he would be around 60-70 now.

Miss you Mr Pitchford.


Wizards & Turtles....

Nickelodeon took over my school when I was in the 2nd grade. We were the first school to win and it was because a girl at my school who was a few grades older entered the contest. All the Nickelodeon celebrities were there - Mr. Wizard did cool science experiments, Barth did gross stuff with food, Marc Sommers had the super sloppy double dare obstacle course we could go through, teachers got slimed, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles put on a concert. It was literally a dream come true. And then at the end we all got free backpacks filled with Nickelodeon swag. I still think about that day.


The Journey...

Going to an inter school sports competition. Our school would participate every year and we would come last without fail!

I took part for 8 years during which we never won ANYTHING (just got a participation certificate).

While going to the competition we would play games on the bus, listen to songs, eat at fast food joints.

Looking back I don't remember the many losses that our team endured but the time that we spent together is still crystal clear.

It was never about the destination.... it is all about the sweet journey.


Thanks Dad....

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Watching my stepdad call the principal of my school in 4th grade out on his bullcrap right in front of me. Because it was the first time I had a father figure in my life who cared enough about me to stand up for me.


Detention Rocks!

I got in trouble for calling my English teacher out on an incorrect Harry Potter fact she was spouting one day. (Granted, I was a little fool and was also refusing to do the work she assigned, but I was done with her BS.) Principal decided to give me detention as punishment.

Thing is, detention involved an hour or so of homework/reading time before a period where we were to help the host teacher with whatever tasks they needed. I was a book nerd, and the host teachers were both science teachers who I got along with swimmingly. Plus, they wanted help with cleaning the fish tank.

Needless to say, those days of detention were AWESOME.

I just remember the principal's face when he asked me how detention was going. Apparently, being excited to go back was not what he expected.


Middle of the winter.

Oh boy it was a few months before corona. Middle of the winter. It was so cold that I guess the morning due froze and so the floor was kind of frosted over. I'm late to school riding my bike as fast as I could. I arrived but my class was kinds far. So I run for it determined to make it on time. I go up the stairs of the 800 building which is outside of the building and run to my class.

I'm running. Then I notice I'm about to run right past the class who were all outside. I make an abrupt stop, but the frosted floor has other plans. I slide about a good six ft while still standing. Everybody's watching me in awe. I didn't fall down. It was epic.

Edit: btw I made it on time


Fill it Up....

patrick eating GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsGiphy

Watching a freshman attempting to deepthroat 7 cheese sticks at once.


The record for most milk cartons drank before throwing up was 26 by the time I graduated. They started suspending anyone who tried to break the record because they were cleaning up milk puke so often.


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