People Share The Wildest Thing That Ever Happened In Their School

Picture it.... high school.... 19**..... School leaves us marked for life. We learn more life lesson than we realize. It takes a little time and distance to look back and assess the insanity that we all endured and survived.

Redditor u/agalaxyiguess1969 wanted everyone to give us a few tidbits about past school experiences that were on the "odd" side by asking.... What was the wildest thing that happened in your school?



A 9th grade kid drank half a liter of moonshine and nearly died from alcohol intoxication. Got taken to hospital, recovered and was expelled. This happened a month after the school year has started, so we barely even got to know him. Sinister_Fish42

After Graduation. 

I guess this happened after graduation but we had this kid who's life after graduating was just a big ol wild ride.

I was on the swim team in school, and this kid was on the team with me. He was FAST, but never really meshed with the team. Just a weird mix of weirdness and cockiness but not a bad guy. After he graduated, he was the first from our school to go to straight to a really great program in our service and has a promising career ahead of him.

After graduating that program he was sent to a really awesome location to work. Then he gets in trouble for making, using, and distributing drugs and gets sent to jail for a few years.

I obviously don't hear much about him while he's in jail until one of my swim team friends shows me something another friend sent him. Our friend had gotten out of jail early for good behavior and had started doing gay porn. Nothing wrong with that, but obviously a big change in life direction and it was a gay for pay type of thing.

Then he kind of falls off the radar again for a while, until a different friend from my swim team sends me another article and I can tell its him right away. Now he's in jail.

Fin. raym0ndv2


Ever had a fire drill mid assembly? SquidCultist002

The Pool....

At my school we didn't have a pool but the city pool was a few streets over and we would often meet the teachers over there at the start of the period. When I was in year 9 (14 year old I'm pretty sure) one of our year groups classes went missing on the way. Turns out some of them had pulled the rest of the class aside and forced them all to take K2 legal high (if you don't know what that is it's a really dodgy substance that the nz government thought was ok in 2015 ish and was a legal high. Some kids had hallucinations and they all got taken home. Crazy wild to finally find out what happened. The-Marblecow

6th grade: .....


6th grade: Someone got alcohol poisoning and had to be rushed to the hospital. They hid their alcohol in a Gatorade bottle 9th: Somone made a paper towel noose that had the n word written on it. Some pretty nasty fights in the cafeteria, in bathrooms and some in classrooms 10th: Someone had a seizure 11th: A girl knocked one of our resource officers flat on his ass

Can't think of anymore but I know something will happen soon. MyChemicalBoysPanic

One of the guys....

One of the guys I graduated with tried to do a backflip over a fire pit the night before graduation. Landed face first in it and melted half his face. So all his day of pictures had his face semi melted and held together with plastic. Alcohol was involved of course. Seems to have healed pretty good though from picts now. MTAlphawolf

Parents Onboard. 

A kid was busted for growing weed in his closet, but he was using a really sophisticated and well put together hydroponics system. His parents were totally on board with his project too. Anodracs

Med School.


A guy in my school tried to copy an exam from the dude behind him, was turning around and tore his spermatic cord in the process.

Ironically, this is in med school. hzrrrow

The senior prank......

The senior prank. All the seniors pulled their money to buy a three foot dildo, covered it in lube, and glued it to the ground. We got a picture of our school resource officer trying to pull it off. I think Chance the Rapper tweeted about it (not 100% sure) and if you google my school, that's the first thing that comes up.

If we're talking middle school, the same year as the prank, a middle schooler put some of his "special sauce" in a crepe during a cooking competition- ie he came in it (and pissed in it). The teacher that was judging the competition actually ate it (she didn't know what was inside). I think she ended up pressing charges, and the whole reason the kids involved got caught was because they posted about it on Snapchat... middle schoolers aren't the brightest. juliasaige

The Stench of It.


My middle school was arranged so that there was one long main hallway that the classrooms all branched off of. On the last day of school before summer break, 5 boys got the grand idea to simultaneously set off stink bombs in the main hall after the last class was dismissed. It was absolute pandemonium. The stench was so bad that kids were throwing up, having asthma attacks, screaming, crying, and rushing the doors to try and get fresh air. Needless to say, those 5 boys got in A LOT of trouble. PartTimeKhajiit

Dangerous Minds...

We had a kid pull a knife in a fight, then proceed to get his butt kicked in. If you are going to throw away your life to attempted murder charges, you ought to at least win the damn fight.

Then a couple years later a dozen or so kids got busted for black tar heroine. Dumb drug to do, way dumber to deal it on a military base. goodnt-guy

The Favorite. 

My history teacher was showing us YouTube videos, and while searching how to remove the ads opened his search history. No one would have seen anything if a guy in front of the class hadn't yelled "PORNTUBE" so loud that the classes around us heard it.

The teacher was red from embarrassment and asked us how to delete it, so we spent the rest of the class showing him how to clean his search history and how to use incognito mod.

The entire schooled talked about that for a couple days as he was everyone's favorite teacher but nothing happened to him that I know of. Belou99


A kid jumped over the railing on the second floor and hit his head or something just right so that he was instantly dead. He also landed on top of another student and ended up paralyzing her either from the neck down or the waist down, I don't remember. omglookawhale

The Star.

We found out that one of our teachers is also a porn star. dangernoodles628

Caught on Camera. 

In middle school, this kid kept hiding his poop in the bathroom ceiling. The ceiling had those foamy removable tiles. One day, cameras were installed and he was caught because of the time frame in which he visited the bathroom. I'm not sure what his punishment was. BasedRocker

The Wine Grab. 

In catholic school, they left the storage closet that had all of the communion wine in it open. So a handful of us got in there and stole some bottles. It's essentially a very low alcohol red wine, but we were teenagers and free alcohol was free alcohol. I ran my bottle out and stashed it in my car, but one of the other guys left his in his backpack, walked into math class and dropped his back onto the tiled floor, shattering the bottle. Needless to say it leaked wine all over the floor and the teacher freaked out, causing the kid to freak out and he ran and locked himself in one of the bathrooms.

They had to call his parents into the school to convince him to come out because he was panicking. The funniest part was, there was a freshman in the bathroom when he locked himself in there and he wouldn't let the kid leave, so it was like a borderline hostage situation for 30-45 minutes.

The guy was typically a good kid, so he had to do 2 days ISS, and fortunately he didn't rat on anyone else. JudgementalChair


The principal got caught having a affair with the assistant principal on school grounds in the janitor closet. I don't know who, some said a fellow student while others say the janitor did and reported it. IDevilsAdvocateI


There was a guy on the football field with a gun headed for the school. This was before school shooting became a big thing, and the principal let us run to our cars if we thought we could make it. Luckily, the guy had a muzzle loader and didn't know how to use it. ladies-pmme-nudespls



A guy I knew when I was a kid was playing with fireworks and accidentally burned down half the school, he will probably have to pay for the rest of his life. Azhz96


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