People Describe The Most Legendary Thing A Student Ever Did At Their School

People Describe The Most Legendary Thing A Student Ever Did At Their School

Often, high school is where students become rebellious. They're learning about themselves, they're testing boundaries, and they realizing that they can break the rules and sometimes get away with it.

Sometimes they're doing it to mess with a teacher who's treating students unfairly, sometimes they're doing it because they're standing up for the very little autonomy we afford kids in the first place.

Redditor CloudWoww wanted to know about those moments that are unforgettable defiance of authority.

CloudWoww asked:

"What was the most legendary thing a student did at school?"

These stories will amaze you!


"My friend once was pissed off at the rest of us guys (5 of us). He chased us into the bathroom because he wanted to be a tough guy and thought one of us was hiding in a stall. He says 'peekaboo I see you!' And kicks the stall door in on a teacher we all knew, taking a crap. The teacher said, 'I see you too Nathan, now close the door.' I will die the day I forget about that lol."

- justsupersayinit

"The teacher's response was legendary!"

- Reasonable_Notice_99

"Agreed. Honestly, at that point, what else are you going to do? Invite them in for a cup of tea? Challenge them for the seat? Model the proper way to greet another on the toilet?"

"Teaching is great."

- BayouRoux


"This kid in my class put the school for sale on Craigslist. He provided the school's attendance office number as a point of contact because everyone hated the receptionist there. They were getting calls from interested buyers for days who wanted to buy a multiple acres of property with a big swimming pool and a track."

- GhostOO7

"Some kids put up Craigslist ads for free brand new TVs with my school's number listed as the contact and they received thousands of calls by like 10 AM. It was legendary."

- fenderyeetcaster

A teacher with poor eyesight.

"My English teacher was close to retirement & had really poor eyesight."

"A mate started the lesson on the right side of the classroom & managed to shuffle both himself & his desk to the back of the room and then over to the left."

"He then managed to climb through the window, sauntered round the building, came back into the room & apologized for being late."

- johnnyx48

"Not even to leave, just to see if he could."

- Dovahnime

"Yeah, teachers who can't see properly can be pretty funny. I had a teacher like that. During that class, a classmate from our year had a free period and lived too far away from the school to realistically go home. But he had friends in that class, so he just came to that class."

"In the teacher's defense, it was a fairly big class, at least 25 kids, and the kid wasn't disruptive or anything. He didn't actually participate or anything, he just sat there and occasionally talked to his friends while they were working on tasks. It took the teacher several 'visits' to notice that 'visitor,' he seriously didn't notice for several lessons that there was a kid he didn't know."

- AlmostChristmasNow

Teaching the teacher a lesson.

"Teacher everyone hated just cause he was a pure bully. We had a fair snow fall and he was on yard 'patrol' this shy kid launched the perfect snowball 40ft+ and it went in his cup of juice. Splashing out and soaking him. Kid went from 0 to hero real quick! This was approx. 15 years ago and we still talk about it today when I'm with a friend from school."


"Kid is going places."

- I_am_daBottom

"Straight to the office, unfortunately, but yes, definitely."

- RecklessSeriousness

Someone lost their marbles.

"This kid once brought a backpack full, and I mean completely full of marbles to school. He went to the main staircase near the front up the third floor and dumped the whole bag over the stairwell. How those marbles didn't break the glass trophy case at the bottom is beyond me but marbles went everywhere. Surprisingly he never got caught. He either managed to run to one of the stairwells at the end of the hall and get to the bottom before teachers had time to react or he hid somewhere until the first bell rang."

"This happened back in like 2005. Kid went on to disgrace himself and be sentenced 16 years in prison for military"

- Evansfam6708

"Did he blame it on losing his marbles?"

- Kymkryptic

​The fire alarm.

"A kid hit the fire alarm when the mayor was visiting our school. For context, we had an assembly the week before where we were specifically told not to hit the fire alarm during the mayor's visit unless there was an actual fire, as it was a common occurrence at our school to just hit the fire alarm whenever."

- FuturePut5

"'Hey Bob, do you have any plans before school?'"

"'Hey Bill, yeah, I'm just going to pull the ol' fire alarm again.'"

- CloudWoww

"'I got a math test at 10 and I didn't study.'"

"'I have a study hall around then, I'll pull the ol' alarm for you.'"

- Dovahnime

"We had a kid do this when our state's Supreme Court was doing a presentation or visiting or something. The staff was FURIOUS, everyone knew he did it, and they tried to prove it was him, saw LEOs dusting the handle for prints. There was an old rumor that when you pulled the handle it sprays like an invisible ink visible to black light on your hand, idk if that's true, but I know the kid used his shirt sleeve to cover his hand when he pulled it, so there weren't any prints."


"There was an old rumor that when you pulled the handle it sprays like an invisible ink visible to black light on your hand, idk if that's true."

"This is definitely not true."

"Source: I am a commercial fire alarm technician.

- sharrrper

The rumor that we all believed to scare us as kids, turns out was just that: a rumor.

Senior prank that everyone loved.

"The senior prank one year was hiring a mariachi band to follow our principal around all day. He loved it--went classroom to classroom so everyone could see it and take pictures/videos and have a fun break from class."

- Strange-Tax7880

"A señor prank?"

- KirbyBucketts

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Standing up for what was right.

"A special needs kid got a two day in school suspension because he threw a sharpened pencil into the drop ceiling tile. He saw a friend of mine do it and thought it was the coolest thing ever."

"A kid on the football team heard about what had happened and protested the suspension directly to the assistant principal. The a** principal stuck firm to his decision and threatened 'and if anyone else gets caught, it will be out of school suspensions….'"

"The following Monday the entire second floor was closed down for the morning. Come to find out the kid and the football team got into the school over the weekend and just blanketed the entire second floor ceiling with sharpened pencils. The video of it was stellar."

- GingerBeard73

​A truly hysterical performance.

"Piano in the middle of the theater stage. Unattended high school seniors wandering around during study hall. One of the students sits down and starts banging on the keys and screaming random lyrics. The rest of us are sitting in the seats."

"While he's banging away, the side stage door opens and the principal is standing there, obviously had heard the ruckus and came to investigate. The student on the piano has their back to the principal and doesn't notice. We are rolling with laughter as he continues to make up ridiculous lyrics and mash the keys, unaware. He stops to admire his fans and the principal clears her throat. He turns around to see her. He slowly turns back to the piano, closes the rack over the keys, expression unchanged. He calmly gets up and walks to the stage door opposite of the principle and exits the stage."

"Minutes go by as we are dying with laughter and the principal is still just standing there assessing. Then, the same student appears in the sound booth behind us having gone under the stage, now wearing a woman's dress and wig that he had found in the changing rooms. He throws open the window and shouts down 'Miss Thompson! I heard a ruckus and came running to see what was afoot!'"

"The principal just laughed and exited stage right. We only had like a week left and she didn't care."

- cincyfan04

The hackers that never got caught.

"They found out the password for the high school's website and edited all sorts of things. Whether it was exposing certain faculty for being scummy/creepy by rewriting their 'bios' or changing the 'Campus Security & Safety' tab to 'SNITCHES GET STITCHES'. It made quite the buzz for years to come and as far as I know, they never got caught."

- Poht8Oh

"Someone at my school found out the wifi password so we could all have free wifi."

- lunaa981

"A friend of mine was able to upload whole movies and tv shows to the public school drive that was on all school computers. He marked them as hidden so they couldn't easily be found, but he even put avengers: endgame on there before it even came out. He also managed to get into the private database somewhat and pull up old teacher plans and bios."

- ThatDude553

The bust thieves were never busted.

"Maybe not legendary, but an interesting (and funny) experiment."

"There were three high schools in my home town. Two of them, both named after famous historical figures of said town, were in a sort of rivalry with each other - nothing serious, but the students would casually trash talk the other school a lot, mostly in good fun."

"Each school had a display case with a bust of their respective historical namesake somewhere in the building. They were just some decoration, object that you would pass by every single day and pay little attention to. So we figured we'd test how little attention people actually paid these things."

"So one night, a few buddies of mine and I got together. Most of us were from my school, but we had a few "inside men" from the other one as well. We split up into two teams, got access to both buildings simultaneously, picked open the very cheap locks on the display cases, grabbed the busts and switched them. Keep in mind, these schools were not that close to one another, and none of us had been old enough to drive at that point, so we had to carry these f*cking limestone busts through half the town. We then locked the busts into the display cases again and left. We had managed completely non-destructive entry to both schools, so nobody ever found out."

"It took almost an entire school year for anyone to notice. To this day, no teacher has ever found out who was responsible. But no damage was done, so they didn't try too hard to figure it out."

- maxx1993

"This is most certainly legendary."

- ButterLover75

He won the popularity contest by far.

"There was this guy who was almost universally-liked in my high school. Did everything, AP classes, theater, football, track. His grades were good but he wasn't the valedictorian."

"That didn't stop him from getting up during the graduation ceremony and giving a speech like there was nothing strange about it. And they let him finish, too."

- theworldbystorm

"Sort of sounds like you kind of had your very own Ferris Bueller at your school except the dean of students didn't dislike him."

- Spalding_Smails

The secret universal remote.

"One of my friends brought in a universal remote and tuned it to the TV in the lunch hall. This TV's original remote had long since been lost so he had the only one. Instead of the news during lunch he would change it to sit coms etc. The teachers were pretty clueless and kept flicking through dozens of channels only for him to immediately change back. They even started turning it off. He just turned it back on again."

"About a month of this and the teachers finally gave up. Nobody except our immediate friend group knew it was him doing this, but the entire school had whispers about this mystery man for ending the scourge that was the news channel."

- Kickerz101

Parents learned years later.

"Not mine, but: Someone superglue the computer mice (mouses?) To the desks in the computer lab."

"It was my son. My son did that. He never got caught, just told me long after the fact."


"I love getting to tell my mom these stories now that I'm an adult. 'You remember that time....... well this is what actually happened.' haha."

- gasoline_rainbow

Just trying to get out of gym class.

"It was legendarily stupid."

"We had mandatory swimming classes in my sophomore year of high school. Anyways, 3 days a week, the school was getting bomb threats and all of us would have to leave class on go to the gym. The threats always happened at the same time. This went on for weeks and weeks."

"It turns out it, there was this kid who didn't want to swim and who was using a payphone down the block to call in the threats (this was 1985). He go suspended for 2 weeks and had to take gym for summer school."

"He is a legend to this day, yet I cant remember his name."

- jaimmster

Idiotic or brilliant?

These are some legendary moments that every student will remember and can look back on fondly. What we may never know is if they peaked in these moments or went on to do incredible things.

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