People Share The Absolute Worst Way To Break Up With Someone

Get out of my life!

Yes, love is just as arduous as it is beautiful..... that is the secret truth about love. Sometimes no matter how much you try, it's not meant to be. However, no matter how much it needs to end, there are decent ways to end it. So don't be mean.

Redditor u/schtiven wanted to discuss the end of love stories by asking.... What's the worst way to break up with someone?

Oh Hell No!


Dude sent me a screen shot of him with my girl laying on his chest on Valentine's Day while I was overnight in a hotel for work many hours away. AHobosBandAid

The Kissing. 

She started making out with another dude while we were at a party, all sitting on the same couch. That deflates the romance pretty quickly. HoochieKoochieMan

Jesus. That's rough. What do you do in that situation? Like, do you say something? Do you just stand up and walk away? What's the protocol here? eggs_erroneous

It's an Illusion. 

I woke up to my GF giving my best friend oral, at a party (at my house). They both claimed it wasn't what it looked like. deadgoodhorror

Just Once More. 

27 years or so ago, my ex wife made love to me, then right after while still lying in bed together in the afterglow she took off her ring and gave it to me and said she wanted a divorce. I couldn't believe she had done it that way, although I was ready for it to be over. She said she thought it would be the nicest way to do it... I thought it was pretty ruthless... whatever. heh. MrStrype

The Ghost.


Make the decision hastily, tell everyone but them.

Ghost them.

Then send them an email to not their primary email that that they don't check.

Show up at their door step a week later asking to have them back. Gregorofthehillpeopl


I found out my ex and I weren't together after he posted an Instagram picture with his best friend of 3 years saying "It only took me 3 years to ask her out." jaclynguptaJ

eez this sounds eerily similar to what happened to my girlfriend's brother. His common law wife out of nowhere said she didn't love him anymore... later on that day, a mutual friend of theirs send him a pic from Facebook of her and the guy that the she was dating behind his back that the guy posed saying that said after being on and off for four years, she was finally permanently his...

Brutal. jrodag91

College Sucks. 

My college roommate spent an entire weekend with his girlfriend from another state knowing he was going to break up with her. When he took her to drop off at the train station on Sunday, he waited until she was leaning in with the car door open to kiss him goodbye. Broke the news instead of kissing her, didn't even unbuckle and get out. She stood there stunned with bags on the curb and he closed the door and drove off. Corporate-Asset-6375

Just Leave... 

Leave and never return, don't send any messages, block them from all social media, never tell them the reason. Losing someone who you thought was fine with you so suddenly in such a quiet and confusing way will really mess with someone's anxiety and self esteem. mathewmilan98

Christmas? Really?

Christmas Eve my ex got all of her gifts because we wouldn't see each other the next day because she would be "busy." Turns out she had been cheating on me with another guy and she just wanted to get her gifts. After packing everything she says oh yea we are done I'm seeing someone else and left. We were together for several years and engaged at that point but at least I got the ring back. Airbornesm

Everything is Normal!


Go into a public place and act like everything is normal. Then pat yourself down as if your looking for something. Start frantically looking under and inside of random objects. When you feel an appropriate amount of time has past go back and tell em you've lost your feelings for them. Ka_Wawae

Last Christmas. 

Tell them that they can spend Christmas in your guest room when they visit because someone else will be staying in their room with them. Spazznax

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Holiday Greetings...

Over the internet on Valentine's Day, which also happens to be their birthday. yungkunt

Oof, I am guilty of this as well, all except the birthday part. I think 30 something me is still suffering the curse of this one from my teens as I am still single and have been the majority of the time since then while she has a great family, recently lost a bunch of weight and looks incredible. We've reconciled and are still friends but she never shies away from bringing that up whenever we see each other, rightfully so. helms11



Back in high school (20ish years ago) I remember hearing about a couple having the following phone conversation:

Guy: Hey, guess who broke up today?

Girl: Who?!

Guy: Us!a_random_username

Not Bitter. 

Hmm.... probably either on the second day of a 7-day trip, or on the second hour of a 9-hour bus ride where you still have to be within 10 feet of each other for the rest of the damn trip.

Not that I'm bitter or anything. MC_Lutefisk

The Bottle. 

Bottle it, marry them, then spend 30+ years together. MadcapRecap

To be fair most people don't choose to bottle it up they just don't have the communication skills to address the problem. It never gets resolved in a satisfactory way because the other person doesn't even know what the hell is going on in your head. Pencilowner

Beautiful Words....


"I clearly and really don't love you," he thought -
"Not even a quarter as much as I ought.
I know I should tell you -
I know I should say -
I know I should save you and send you away -

"But break-ups are horrid," he whispered with woe -
"And messy and awfully awkward, you know?
They're painful, disdainful and dreadful," he said -

"... so let's stay together forever instead." Poem_for_your_sprog

For the Mistress...

My boyfriend broke up with me by texting me asking how my day was. I said "fine, how was yours?" He responded with "Great had a fantastic day with my girlfriend." I was at work all day. We had been together for 4 years, and been living together for 2. He had been cheating on me, and decided to leave me for his mistress. Good times. xXRavelightXx

The Silences. 

By not even communicating the break up but still communicating with them, while slowly becoming less and less talkative until they finally figure out that the relationship is over in their own. It's slow torture. Just be honest and straight forward. WilhelmGeistmeister

You're Just Evil. 

When you're a politician and your wife gets cancer, tell your campaign finance manager, "She's not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the President. And besides, she has cancer." Then you file for divorce while she's in the hospital.

You later file for divorce from your second wife after she's diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. MakeItHappenSergant

The Redheaded Saint.


Pick out another dude you think is a little cute, sex him at work a few times, bring home crabs and chlamydia, claim that BOTH are really only fleas from my virgin SAINT of a dog, and spray paint my car for not "being cool" about everything afterwards because I should "know how redheads are!" Oh, and then try to kidnap the same dog who's reputation you attempted to besmirch. It's been 12 years now, Stephanie, but I really should buy you a trophy or some crap for that, you crazy redheaded fool. ForayIntoFillyloo


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