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It’s a terrible feeling when someone we love doesn’t like who we’re dating. But it’s strange when their reasons make little to no sense, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor WeekendOriginal4876 was at her wit’s end when her younger sister demanded that she break up with yet another boyfriend with little explanation […] More
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Love is hard work. The fairytales in film, tv, literature and music have been lying to us. There is no happily ever after. After the credits roll life happens and then the love story gets real. I'm being bitter and macabre. Love is also a very beautiful thing. But love is also deeply fragile and it doesn't take much to tarnish and destroy it.

We try to do the best we can but there is a lot more to be aware of. Love tends to be gone before we realize we could've saved it. So listen and maybe you'll save your fairytale.

Redditor u/EntrepreneurAlone118 wanted to discuss all the ways love can sour quickly or slowly, by asking:

What is 1 thing that absolutely kills relationship?
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Sometimes love just ain't enough. That is more than just a fantastic 80's pop balled, its a life truth and mantra.

Love is tricky and the yearning for it, even trickier. We can put ourselves in some toxic situations just because we want to share our hearts with another.

That doesn't make us stupid, just human. But it is imperative to know when it's time to flee. Don't ignore the red flags. When you feel it in your gut, run for the hills. Don't make excuses.

Redditor u/MistaPwickles wanted to hear about the times people knew when it was right to make an exit in "love" by asking:

What made you straight up "nope" out of a relationship?
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Often is the case that the people in our lives are here only for a season. Sometimes that season lasts a few weeks, a few months, or even years, but season's come to a close eventually.

For whatever reason that may be, it can hurt to lose a friend, and sometimes it's necessary to move on from the relationship. It's important to have healthy relationships with our friends.

Redditor RawChickenHouse asked:

"Why did you stop being friends with someone?"

It's a part of life that many of us share, so the people of Reddit told us what that moment was like to cut off that toxic friend.

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Yes, love is a splendid thing... until it's not. Sometimes forever is just not in the cards. And often the story should've never begun. We have to learn to recognize when our "love" story has turned toxic. Couples go through ups and downs sure, that's why it's always a good idea to visit a third party, not sexually, but visiting a therapist is always healthy.

Sometimes an outside ear can bring it all together. And they can also let you know when it's time to run. They know the signs.Redditor u/Gnerdy was hoping some therapists out there would share with us about the times when they knew they were treating couples that may be beyond help by asking.... Couples therapists, without breaking confidentiality, what are some relationships that instantly set off red flags, and do you try and get them to work out?

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