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People Confess What's Stopping Them From Being With The Person They Really Love
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As Valentine's Day approaches, we're going to be inundated with signs that tell us love is in the air.

Why is love elusive for so many of us?

Or is it perhaps right in front of us as we've seen in so many films and TV shows?

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A breakup is never a decision to be taken lightly.

And be it amicable or not, ending a relationship will always come with hurt, anger, and tears.

In some cases though, it becomes abundantly clear that staying in this relationship isn't a good idea, particularly if it's for health or safety reasons.

In other cases, however, it might take some reflection, as you might feel as if something about your relationship isn't working, but can't exactly figure out what it is.

Until, without any warning, it becomes clear as day.

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It can be really easy to develop a crush. That’s because they usually happen before you really know the person you have a crush on.

Sometimes, when you really get to know the person you have a crush on, you find yourself falling in love with that person.

When I found out my first crush loved Harry Potter just as much as I did, I decided he was the boy I was going to marry.

Of course, since I was in second grade, things didn’t exactly work out between us, but I digress.

However, other times, getting to know the person you're crushing on leads to a piece of information that makes you instantly lose interest.

Redditors have plenty of experience with that and are ready to share.

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If you think about it, planning a breakup isn't all that different than planning a proposal.

In both cases, you need to find a perfect time appropriate for the moment.

Of course, the biggest difference between the two is the outcome.

Even if there is a small chance both parties will leave a proposal unhappy, both parties leaving a breakup on the emotional side is all but guaranteed.

Making it all the more important to carefully choose where and when you want to tell your partner you are ending things.

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As if finding someone to date isn't hard enough, most of us are inevitably going to have to go through break-ups at some point. They can go smoothly... or they cannot. And few things make a breakup more painful than someone giving you a stupid reason why they're breaking up with you.

Actually, their reasons could be rather funny in hindsight. Pathetic even.

You might walk away thinking you've dodged a bullet from the moment you were broken up with. That's okay, everyone's relationship is different. Both kinds of break-ups are featured here. It's up to you whether to laugh or cry.

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